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Carry Me, Carry You

My dad has always been a strong and solid man; much like a grizzly bear with a barrel chest, with powerful shoulders and arms that could lift anything. Over the years I have watched those strong arms push wheelbarrows, move furniture, change tires, carry boxes, plant trees, and shovel mountain bench snow. They have done many great things! I remember a time as a middle-schooler when I was really sick with a sinus infection. I was too weak to leave my bed. Feeling glum and a little bit lonely, I longed to join my family in the kitchen. My parents' small kitchen, dining, and living room area flowed together into one great room. They were preparing to sit down for dinner at the table, while a tray was being made for me to have in my room. My mom suggested I might like joining the family; I could lie on the blue and white plaid couch that sat adjacent to the dining table. But how to get there? I was so very weak. My head was sloshy and my skinny legs felt like jello. Enter my

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