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For as long as I live, I will never forget the moment I walked into the Grande Galerie of the Louvre museum in Paris, France.  There was a palpable energy in the air of that magnificent place.  It was alive and electric, a hum that seemed to reverberate through the palatial halls.  I felt it course through me, from my fingertips to my sneaker-clad toes.  Maybe it was the rich history found within the paint and the brush strokes on those canvases, that gave tangibility to the energy in the air.  Maybe it came from being surrounded by works of art that emanated absolute creative brilliance.  Or maybe the energy was originating from one lone masterpiece--mysteriously beautiful and luminescent, shielded behind panes of glass, guarded by several middle aged men in navy blazers... Leonardo Da Vinci's, "Mona Lisa."

The Mona Lisa is quite lovely in person.  In fact, she took my breath away.  She made the hairs on my arms stand on end.  The sight of her made me want to cry, I was so moved.  I stood before her in that crowded, vibrant gallery--barely moving, barely breathing--and let the awe I felt wash over me.  It was incredible.

I love art and have always enjoyed art history.  My interest increased after visiting several museums across Europe, and especially after seeing Da Vinci's extraordinary work.  I was hooked!  I took art history courses while attending Utah State University.  I read art books, journals, and periodicals while working on campus in the Serials department of the library.  I attended art shows whenever I could.  I purchased prints and framed them.  I tried to surround myself with art.

Now, ten years later, I am surrounded by a different kind of art.  Prints of famous artwork used to adorn my refrigerator, but have now been replaced by "paint with water" pages and construction paper preschool crafts.  These works came to fruition at the hands of a budding young artist--one I am particularly fond of.  She works primarily in crayon and Crayola markers.  She is notably talented, despite her lack of experience or education.  The potential is there.  I can see the potential for greatness.

I have laundry to do.



  1. DOH!!! I have little art boys too. Runs in the genetics.

    Love you!

  2. Haa haaa haaaa HAAAAAA!!!
    The ending of this is a fabulous punchline to a well told joke, or a stunning bow on and already much-loved present. The icing on the cake some might say.
    You slay me! Love it, and you.
    You write well, and take it from one who's studied comedy... you can teach material, you can't teach timing. :D

    ~Maple Leaf Butt

  3. PS - We've talked about this, but seeing Michaelangelo's "David" and Gaudi's Sandrada Familia were my Mona Lisa's.

    I get it.

    I love that you too celebrate it, this many years later. :)

  4. this is a moment where the holy............ really lengthy string of swear words would have applied perfectly. LOL wow! and wow! THere are no words haha I'm sorry!

  5. I too have seen the Mona Lisa up close and personal. I really enjoyed it as well as many others I saw that day. I must say though, nothing quite pulls at my heartstrings like some Lilly art!! Not so fun for mama I'm sure! and I most certainly thought how glad I was it wasn't me ;) man that girl sure is cute though

  6. Oh - the artwork of a small artist has graced nearly every mother's home. The memories that our children make with those crayons and markers are forever in our hearts. I love your story and I love Lilly's artwork. Her next canvas will most likely be her little brother's face! That's always a fun one.

  7. oh man! What a great perspective when you look at what your cute little girl has done! On a side note, you mentioned paint with water pics and I have looked everywhere to find paint with water books and can't find them. Any suggestions?

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