Move Over, Martha!

I love cupcakes!  I cannot stop myself from smiling whenever I see one.  A cupcake is happiness in a baking cup.  Cupcakes are as cheerful as they are yummy.  My heart seems a little lighter, my kids a little less crabby, whenever beautifully frosted cupcakes are nearby.

Last weekend, my little brother Tyler and his babe-alicious "lady love," Danelle, paid our McD clan a visit.  Those lovebirds are a real kick in the pants, and we had oodles of fun.  (I would like to pause here to state the following, since Ty has not been introduced on this blog-o-rama until now:  I am the girl version of Tyler, and he is the boy version of me.  We're kooky and we look a lot alike.  Observe "Exhibit A.")

Exhibit A

 Isn't he darling?  And a real sweetie pie, too!

SO...with Ty and Danelle coming to SLC, I knew I wanted to plan a really spectacular activity!  Ms. Lilly thought having an Easter party would be a "great idea."  (She frequently says that:  "Isn't it a great idea?")  I eagerly agreed!

Our Easter party involved dying eggs, eating pizza, hunting for brightly-colored plastic eggs in my itty bitty backyard, and...

CUPCAKES!!!!!  We decorated cupcakes!

In order to most efficiently decorate cupcakes that will knock your socks off, you need a super sassy, retro, flirty-girl apron.  Pearls are not mandatory, but they do give the ensemble a nice June Cleaver touch.

 Next, you need supplies.  And by "supplies" I mean "candy."  Lots and lots of candy.

 You need willing participants; those who will listen attentively as you give a demonstration of your "mad cupcake skills."  You need apprentices who are committed to learning your craft.  It's "Cupcake University," and you need teachable pupils.

  Behold, Mama Leisha's creations!!  (I.  Am.  A.  Cupcake.  Goddess.)

 "Student projects" that did NOT get a passing grade; or rather, cupcakes that were crafted by decorators who might not have what it takes to "make it."

A golf ball on a tee.  Very creative, but lacking Easter bunny cuteness.  C+
Ahh!!  Satan's vampire bunny cupcake...with chops!  Scary.  F-, James!

How I feel about my brother and my man refusing to make adorable, coconut-faced bunnies, with pink jelly bean noses:

My star pupil, Insanely Photogenic Danelle!  A+  And when I get asked by Ms. Winfrey's producers to host my own domestic diva show--which I will call, "Move Over, Martha," and premiere on OWN--Danelle will be my assistant.

Have I mentioned how much I love cupcakes!?!  Is there anything more fun to decorate, more delightful to eat?  Nope.  A cupcake really is happiness in a baking cup, and spending time with my loved ones is the icing on top.

"Hoppy" Easter!  Be sure to celebrate by eating a cupcake.  Or two.

Like what you see?  Want to recreate these yourself?  Check out these links: (A linkity-link that I adore!)


  1. This Blog made my day!! I want to come to a cupcake party!!
    Love you oodles with googly eyes on top!!!!!

  2. and I"M the one with the cooking blog? wth?
    your apron looks amazing. i bet you have some freaking amazing friend who gave it to you.

  3. The cupcakes are adorable!! And your kiddos gorgeous! If you giving out cookies for votes, I wish you'd have a "cookie party" at your house, so we can all get together and visit.

    I'd love to catch up with all the beautiful girls I got to go to highschool with, but was too shy to get to know back then.

    Your blog is just cute, and so fun!

  4. ADORABLE, both you and those cupcakes!

  5. These cupcakes are sooo cute! I can tell baking makes you happy. Its nice that your brother helped you bake. That is so sweet!


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