Mama Bilingual

I've always wanted to learn another language, to be fluent in something besides English.  I did take a couple of years of Espanol in escuela, but all I retained were swear words!  Que mal!!  (I spent most of my time in class flirting with a chico I had a muy, muy grande crush on...instead of conjugating stupid verbs.)  

When I was a bit older, I would dream of learning to speak a romantic and sexy language.  Like Italian.  I'd fantasize about becoming fluent in Italian, moving to breathtaking Florence, and meeting a tall, dark Italian babe named Giovanni.  We would eat gelato and live in his villa and have Italian babes named...Giovanni.  I'd finally learn how to make spaghetti sauce without having to rely on Ragu, and all my little "Giovannis" and I would get chubby on pasta and ciabatta bread.  We'd be happy, living the good life.  *Sigh*

Okay!  So I don't live in Italy and I don't have a Giovanni!  I DO have a dreamboat McHubby, though.  And he's even Irish!  Kilts are snappy!  I don't have little Giovannis running around my villa, but I do have a "full-of-life" Ms. Lilly and a squeezable Cam Man.  If you ask me, that's even better.

Do you know what else I have?  Something that occurred to me just today?


It's true!  It's true!  I am bilingual.  I speak the language of my children, and THAT is really something!  Let me illustrate this newly-found wonderment with an example of a conversation I had with them today: 

Ms. Lilly:  Mom, when can I have a Mario?  (NO!  THIS IS NOT PART OF THE ITALIAN FANTASY, PEOPLE!  Just roll with me for a minute...)
Mama Leisha:  When you've finished your lunch.
Cam Man:  Ba ba ba!
Ms. Lilly:  Can I have two Marios?
Mama Leisha:  Nope, one.
Cam Man:  Ba ba!
Ms. Lilly:  I think he wants his bottle.
Mama Leisha:  No, his blanket.  He calls his blanket, "ba ba."  (I get Cam's fuzzy, blue blanket.  I drape a corner across his shoulder and wrap the rest around his waist to prevent him from tripping on it while he motors about the kitchen.)
Ms. Lilly:  Can I wear my blanket like that?  Like an antenna?  Like Cam?
Mama Leisha:  An antenna??  Oh! mean TOGA!  You want to wear your blanket like a toga?
Ms. Lilly, exasperated:  Yes, Mom!  And eat a Mario.
Mama Leisha:  Wait!  How do you even know what a toga is?
Miss Lilly, sighing:  "The Backyardigans," Mom.
Cam Man:  Daa daa?  Daa daa?
Ms. Lilly:  Does he want Daddy?
Mama Leisha:  No...will you hand me that toy car, Lil?  Cam wants his car.
Cam Man (now with car), happily squealing:  "Daa daa daa daa!"
Ms. Lilly:  Look, Mom!  My sandwich is all gone!  NOW can I have a Mario?
Mama Leisha:  Yes!  You bet!  NOW you may have an Oreo.

See?  I am a language master, capable of interpreting the most ridiculously cute babble!  I am brilliant, knowing exactly what my preschooler is saying when no one else does!  I.  Have.  A.  Gift. 

I am "Mama Bilingual" and me encanta mi vida loca!!  

*(Translation:  I love my crazy life!  At least...I THINK that's what I wrote!)*


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