Cereal Box, or Best Morning Ever

When you were a kid, did you read the cereal box during breakfast?

For me, that was the best part of my morning meal--plopping down at the kitchen table with a big bowl of cereal in my hands and the bright-colored box in front of my face.  I loved reading about the exotic animals Toucan Sam met on his trip to the rain forest (to recover his missing Froot Loops), or helping Lucky the Leprechaun find his way through the shamrock maze printed on the box.  What fun!  A bowl of crunchy, sugary, marshmellow-y goodness was always a great way to start the day...adding fun facts, games, and cartoon characters to the box the cereal came in was just a bonus.  (And DO NOT even get me started on the awesome prizes hidden in cereal boxes in the 1980's!  None of this "redeem-five-proofs-of-purchase-for-a-yo-yo-AFTER-mailing-in-the-proofs-of-purchase-WITH-a-$5.99-shipping-and handling-fee" mumbo jumbo.  No way!  We got Yoda pencil toppers and squirt guns in our Frosted Flakes.  It was rad.)

The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast with my kids.  Sure enough, I found myself reading the back of the box of Apple Jacks.  (Gosh, those are good!  Cam likes to eat them too...when he's not launching them at me or trying to stick them in his ears.)  I discovered something so delightful to my heart, so wonderfully hilarious, that I HAD to share.

I looked at my cereal box:

I looked at my Cam Man:

I looked at my cereal box again.  I looked at Cam again.  Cereal box.  Cam.  Cereal box.  Cam.  Then I laughed out loud--a blaring, honking, uninhibited belly laugh that frightened Lilly and made my sides ache.

MATER!!  Oh my goodness, I have a Mater!  CAM IS MATER!  Isn't that funny?!! 

I laughed and laughed.  I kissed that sweet boy right on the lips and gave him more Apple Jacks.  He just grinned at me with those "Mater teeth."  Best.  Morning.  Ever.

You know, I don't need a prize in my box of Apple Jacks.  Those tasty apple and cinnamon Os are enough for me.  Besides, I already have the best, best, best prize in the whole entire world...

The little man who likes to throw cereal in my hair!


  1. remind me to show you a picture of my niece tonight lol mater!


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