Candyland...or Jurassic Park

I have a wicked sweet-tooth.

I love candy and chocolate almost as much as I love shoes and Hugh Jackman.  (That.  Is.  A.  Lot.)  I'm crazy about Reese's peanut butter cups.  I'm cuckoo for chocolate chip cookies.  (Were you expecting me to say, "Cocoa Puffs?")  I adore Swedish fish.  I want to change my last name to "McHershey."  I would sing through the hills in unbridled, "Fraulein Maria-like" fashion for pretezel M&M's.  If you want to "taste the rainbow," I can suggest my favorite bag of Skittles.  (Hello, Blenders!)  If you are struggling to decide whether or not you should go with a "Whatchamacallit" candy bar, or a "Thingamajig" candy bar...I will tell you to go with the "Whatchamacallit" EVERY TIME. 

See what I mean?

Wicked.  Sweet.  Tooth.

Is it any wonder my favorite game when I was a little girl was Candyland?!  The red and white of the Peppermint Forest, the gingerbread-man shaped game pieces that traveled the brightly-colored squares to King Kandy, the Lollipop Woods, and the chocolate swamp--I loved it all.

Recently, Ms. Lilly has discovered she also enjoys a rousing game of Candyland.  We have oodles of fun playing the game together.  ("Family time" is often spent at the kitchen table, huddled around the delightful game board!)

Last night--as we prepared to embark on a journey through Candyland (aka play the game)--we discovered our game pieces were missing.  Not to be dismayed, Lilly proclaimed, "I have an idea!  I know what we can use!"  She quickly ran upstairs, retrieved Cam's plastic, dinosaur finger puppets, and returned with a grin.  "Let's use these," she said, proudly.


A youthful, sugary-sweet Candyland turned into a prehistoric rendezvous.  Suddenly, we were playing a game of "Jurassic Park On A Sugar High!"  The worst (and perhaps most humorous) part was the appearance of playing with JUST the HEADS of dinosaurs.  I mean, how creepy (and Godfather-ish) is that?!!

Suffice it to say, those dinosaurs--with their formidable heads set against a drippy, "Willy Wonka" background--gave me a severe case of the giggles!  And laughter is almost better than candy and chocolate.



  1. Oh my!! Those dino heads sure do take the appetising look away from a usually delicious looking boardgame!! I have no idea what a swedish fish is but I do love chocolate as much as you!!

  2. Such a cute post! I admit, the dinos do look a little odd sitting on that gameboard! I love your description of your raging sweet tooth - I think you need your very own Wonka Land. ;) And yes, what are Swedish fish???

  3. hi from the blog hop! :)
    what a cute and "sweet" post!!
    i read your intro about getting through your days ups and downs with diet coke! love it! coke is my vice...idk what i'd do without it some days.
    your family is beautiful!
    i look forward to following! :)
    wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Fellow choc-o-holic here! My personal favorite are Rolos. Or maybe York Bites, Or possibly coconut m&m's.....

    Great post. Look forward to reading more!

    I really enjoyed the boys are weird post too!

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  10. Ha ha! My kid is too young to understand board games just yet, but can't wait to entertain the kiddo in that way and if you ask my husband what he likes best, he loves thingamajigs. I don't know why, but I have to get them for him every time I go to walmart because they are 50cents in the check out line. :) Cute Family!

    P.S. I found your blog on the Social Parade blog hop. I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime. Have a great weekend!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

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  12. LOL That's cute! My 4 year old is loving Candyland. It was one of my favorite games as a kid too.

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  14. Can a girl get a comment in here?! *sigh* gone are the days of commenting about your bathroom. love that you're so successful, my friend! :D

  15. New follower here...I must admit, your daughter's comment about the smurf up her bum got me. Can't resist that! :)

  16. I love her unconventional game pieces! And you are not the only person who needs to change their last name to McHershey!
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  17. Ok, first of all, Hugh Jackman and candy both cause me to make a yummy noise, and I didn't know that until I started reading your post and going "MMMMM!!!" I'm cracking up at those dinosaur heads! It would have been cute with just little dino toys, but the fact that it's just the heads is HILARIOUS! Jake has some zombie fingerpuppets from Halloween...I should pull them out and play Zombieland Candyland with him tonight. (That's not life-scarring, right?)

  18. That's so cute! It looks like the game got interesting ;)

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  20. I am laughing out loud and my dogs are looking at me like I'm crazy! I'm glad that the dinosaur heads came in handy--quite the intense game it appears! :)

  21. Got here from Hopalong Friday bloghop! I love chocolates too! I tell myself it's the healthy kind because it's dark chocolate I like :)

    The Twerp and I

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  23. That is one of the funnier pictures I have seen. ROAR!

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