Happy Things

A little ol' list of things that have made me happy in the last couple of days:

1.) Mint M&Ms.

2.) Being featured on Angie's pretty blog, "A Little Inspiration."  And for being reminded of what inspires me:  my children, my faith, my small corner of the world and the good people who occupy it.  Thank you, Angie!

3.) Ms. Lilly asking for an iPod for Christmas just so she can listen to Selena Gomez's song, "Love You Like A Love Song," all day and every day.  (Yes, she knows the lyrics.  Yes, she is five going on fifteen.  Yes, this kills James...but only because he's concerned about her taste in music.  No, she will not be getting an iPod.  "Santa" will probably be bringing her a....dancing baby???...which was her second choice.)

4.) Zipping around SLC in my ride (which is NOT as cool as it sounds), running errands, and following a VERY old man in his PT Cruiser.  He had a simple, one-word sticker in his back window:  Boobies.

5.) All the lovely comments I get on this silly, crazy, squirrely, wonderful, hot-bliggity-blog of mine!  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your kindness.  Thank you for uplifting me and for making me laugh.  Thank you for being a part of my "Mama Leisha" world.  If I could, I'd give all of you a big hug and a shmooshy kiss.

And a Diet Coke.
And a cookie.
And a Selena Gomez song download.


  1. I have never even heard of mind m&ms, lol. Nice, happy post.

  2. Diet coke always makes me happy. The cookie also helps. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. I LOVE that song! *innocent whistle*
    But seriously, it's so catchy.

    My husband got Aidan an mp3 player (just a $20 or $30 one) for Christmas last year, and loaded up a bunch of stuff Aidan might like.

    Aidan LOVES It. It was such a good gift idea.

  4. MINT M&M'S EXIST?! Must find some!

  5. isn't it funny (and a tiny bit scary) how quickly they can pick up the lyrics to these "big girl" songs!!? my friend's daughter sings katy perry songs at the top of her lungs and dances around their house singing rhianna songs!! we laugh so hard bc she doesn't even know what she's saying but is so passionate about it!
    lilly has exquisite taste. i'd choose a dancing baby over an ipod any day!! :)
    hahahahahaha *BOOBIES*
    that is hilarious!! i want to see this old man!!
    aleisha, you rock!
    and now, i'm gonna be singing selena gomez all day and resisting the ever so amazing diet coke!! i haven't had one in about two months!!!
    i'll take the cookie though ;)
    maria <3


    That is so funny your daughter loves that song. How cute :) Awwww!

    I'm leaving the house right now to find those mint m&m's!!! Sounds AMAZING!!!

    I hate to rush out, but I am finishing up dinner (even tho I would rather eat m&m's!), and the kids are acting like wild buffalo!

    I'll be back soon!



  7. I am too plagued by Selena and her BF, the Biebs. I hear their songs and other pop artists that are aimed at my girls and they are totally into it. They fight over who will marry Justin.

  8. You rock Aleisha!! I so love you to bits :)
    Wouldn't it be cool to cruise around in SLC in your ride TOGETHER picking up mint m&m's and maybe even a diet coke!! We could roll down the windows and the breeze would whip through our hair, possibly a bug or two as well.
    Oh and how did I miss your post on Angie's blog? I'm going over to stalk her now ;) She's beautiful isn't she!!


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