We Might Be Starting A Movement!

Lilly and I were shopping in Joann the other day.  She spotted a bead necklace kit that she wanted to purchase with her allowance.  Upon further inspection, she discovered the kit contained several letter beads.  She asked, "What are the letters for?  To spell my name?"

"I don't know, Lil," I answered.  "Let me see."

She handed me the bead kit.  It only took a quick glance at the package to see what the letters were.  WWJD.

"This is a WWJD necklace, Lilly.  See the picture example?  Those are the only letters you get."

"What does that even mean, Mom?"

"WWJD?  It stands for What Would Jesus Do," I replied.

Lilly looked at me briefly before saying, "Well...that's nice, but what about Larry?  What would Larry do?"

I shared this little experience on my Facebook page yesterday, and oh man, the response has been hilarious!  Friends have laughed right along with me over this experience.  Some have commented, "Who is Larry?  And why should we care about what Larry does?"  While others wrote:  "Seriously, who wouldn't want to know what Larry would do?," and "I love Larry!"

The thing is...I HAVE NO IDEA WHO LARRY IS!!  But that is exactly what makes this whole thing so funny!  It's why I love my quirky kid.  Her wit is brilliant.  She makes me laugh, and she makes others laugh as well.

So...what would Larry do, if he were in my shoes?  Eat a cookie?  Probably.  Write a blog post?  Sure.  Make WWLD key chains to give as Christmas presents?  Most definitely.  Design some t-shirts?  Of course!  Start a WWLD movement?  Heck yes!  Inspire others to ask the question, "What Would Larry Do?"  You betcha!    Combat the forces of evil?  Lead nations?  Change the world one lost soul at a time!?  YES YES YES YESSSSSSS!

But that's a lot of work.
For now, I'll get started on making key chains...


  1. you just crack me up! how funny is that! i am DYING at that video too. how in the heck did that guy just hop the entire line and get tickets?????!!!!! hahahaha! hope you are having a great week xoxoxoxo!


    1. Thanks a bunch, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was nervous when I hit publish because I didn't know if this post would be too kooky. But, I love it and I love Lilly and I love Larry. HA HA! This whole thing has been too funny!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. ADorable. Isn't Larry a cucumber on veggie tales? I would be even more interested in what a CUCUMBER named Larry would do!

  3. LOL!!! omygosh, she is so stinkin' funny!! i was cracking up at that video - steve and i watch that show sometimes. i would love to know who larry is too! and the photo is adorable!! i want a keychain. :)
    i've been thinking about you!! sorry we've been out of touch the past week - let's skype soon - like, for real. like, before the end of the month. before christmas. :)
    i love youuu! <3

  4. This was a really funny post and I can actually picture your little one asking these simple questions. They really do say the cutest things. I love the picture and look forward to your next post.

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