A conversation between a mother and her daughter, while driving in the car to Target.

Lilly:  Mom, where does Dad work?

Me:  He's called a computer programmer, Lil.  He works with computers.

Lilly:  Oh.  But where does Dad work?

Me:  He works in a big office building, over there.  (Me, pointing.)  In Sandy.

Lilly:  Wow!  I had no idea he had to travel so far to go to work!  I can't believe Dad works in Texas!

Me:  Texas!  No, he doesn't work in Texas!  What makes you say that?

Lilly:  You said Sandy.  And that is where Sandy is from.  You know, Sandy from SpongeBob.  The squirrel?  She's from Texas!

Me, laughing:  Lilly!  Dad works in Sandy.  It's the name of a city.

Lilly:  In Texas?!  Cool...my Dad works in Texas. 

Me:  No, no!  Sandy is a city that is close to where WE live.  Dad works in an office building, the office building is in Sandy.  Sandy is a city.  It's a city right by us.  It's not in Texas!  It's not far away!  It's close.  (Me, pointing again.)  That way.  Right there!

Lilly:  What are we talking about?

Me (sighing, rubbing my temples,  wishing for a Diet Coke):  I HAVE NO IDEA!


  1. Hahaha! I can SO picture this conversation! That is too cute!

  2. Sandy lives in Austin, Texas to be exact :) Sadly, I've never run into her.


  3. hahahaha! i am cracking up! you would have thought this was a conversation with me - with my mad geography skills and all! lilly is awesome. seriously, write a book of her quips!! love you love you!!

  4. Sounds like Field Trip time to Daddy's office. :)

  5. Oh My Goodness! That Is Hilarious.

  6. Sandy. Texas. It's all so logical.
    (And, thank you, I will go have a diet Coke!)


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