No doubt about it...I love my family!  I love them like apple pie on the fourth of July.  I love them like the smell of a new book.  I love them like green grass, cold Coke, and bright-colored heels!  They are crazy.  They are quirky.  They are wonderful!  They make me laugh and they are fun to be around.  I know they would do anything for me.  I mean, just look at my parents...  Aren't they sweet?

And look what happens when my family members get their hands on my phone!  (This was a pleasant surprise on my camera roll.)

Because I love family, I love resources that help and benefit families.  Recently, I discovered, whose purpose is to provide information on how to strengthen families.  I confess that once my children were off to "Slumberland," I jumped on the computer and paid this website a visit.  A serious visit.  A visit that lasted over an hour.

Oh boy, oh boy, I read numerous articles that were compelling, well-written, and useful!  (Hey, that's like a triple threat!) offers information on love, marriage, family time, finances, home life, and faith and spirituality.  Just to name a few!

Being pregnant, the first topic I clicked on was "Life Challenges."  KIDDING!  I clicked on "Pregnancy," of course!  I read a lovely little ditty on how to reduce stress during pregnancy, because oh my gosh, you IS stressful!  Especially with two small, demanding children under foot.  I learned that while pregnant, it is important to take care of yourself, to prioritize, and to be optimistic.

Next, I clicked on "Love," and...ding, ding, ding...found the jackpot!  50 WAYS TO SHOW YOUR WIFE YOU LOVE HER!!!  Buy flowers just because!  Do the dishes!  Turn off the televised game and spend time with her!  Give her a foot massage!  (I am sending this article to The Mister.  And pronto!)

Seriously, there is something for everyone on!  (Hey busy, tired, "out-of-ideas-for-family-fun" mamas!  Check out "Kids Activities."  You'll love the article about all the fun games you can play with your kids, using items found around your house!)  This website is a treasure!  It's like finding the Keebler Elves' tree and discovering you are welcome to their "all-you-can-eat" cookie buffet.  For free.  Milk included.

 Go check it out!  I hope you'll love it as much as I love my family.  And E.L. Fudge.


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