I Love To Click!

"Just keep clicking, just keep clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking...," I found myself chanting, over and over in my head.

The couch cushions littered the "in-need-of-a-vacuuming" floor, and Lilly and Camren were fighting like boxing kangaroos over a puzzle piece.  My sweet newborn babe was throwing a "feed-me-now" fit in her bright pink bouncy chair.  I looked at the spectacle before me and felt myself start to lose my cool.

I looked at my clicker.

I looked at my kids.

And suddenly everything changed.  I saw my sassy daughter with the toothless grin, holding her own against her energetic brother.  I saw my son, with the dark brown eyes and the "mitts" like puppy-dog paws.  I saw turned-up noses and black eyelashes and freckles on knees, and children who are growing and changing too quickly.  I saw my baby--fresh out of heaven--and smiled at her perfect baby toes.

I clicked.

Positive thought #43:  I am a mother.

When singer, songwriter, speaker, and "all around cool chick," Hilary Weeks contacted several bloggers about her "clicker project," I KNEW I had to get involved.  "Clicking" is an experiment in the power of positive thinking.  Think a good, positive thought, then acknowledge it with a click from a tally counter; a clicker.

I received my adorable and cheery clicker kit a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn't wait to get clicking!  I took my clicker everywhere:  to Sephora, to Cam's preschool, to the grocery store, and OH MY GOSH!, to my OB-GYN's office!  My clicker sat on my dresser, on my kitchen counter, on my dashboard.  I loved counting my happy thoughts.  I clicked for blue skies and fluffy clouds.  I clicked for good books and uplifting music.  I clicked for Diet Coke, peanut M&Ms, prayer, my parents, and my baby's smile.  As I clicked, I found myself feeling better, happier, lighter.

Would you like to click with me?  Visit www.billionclicks.org to order your own clicker kit.  Use the coupon code, ALEISHA334, and receive an additional clicker, sticker, and wristband for FREE!

Change your thoughts, change your mood.  Change your mood, change your day.  Change your day and ultimately change your perspective.  For the better!


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