A Roomie (And Jewelry to Give Away)

I first met Kelly years and years ago.

We were roommates at Utah State University--sharing a house that rocked a 1960s stove, putrid-colored linoleum in the kitchen, and lots of wood paneling; sharing a room that was the size of a closet.  Our beds were on cinder blocks, our carpet was shag.  We loved it.

Kelly was easily one of the best roommates I ever had; our "chapter" a favorite among my annals, "Aleisha Goes To College With An Afro."  She talked in her sleep.  She was laid back and "drama free."  She was good-humored and easy to talk to.  Her boyfriend didn't try to move in and occupy our precious fridge space, or bogart our telephone.  (Because this was during the time of landlines and message boards.)  Unlike "some" boyfriends, he was cool.  She was cool.

Blessedly, Kell and I have remained friends.  She married that cool boyfriend.  They've moved around the country and have had all sorts of adventures.  Kelly is a mother now.  She has beautiful children.  She occupies a special place in my heart.

And, that sleep talker has taken on an exciting business venture!  Have you heard of Mialisia jewelry?  According to their website, "For thousands of years a necklace has been a necklace and a bracelet has been a bracelet.  Mialisia Jewelry is breaking all the rules with conventional jewelry and giving people options while creating their own style!  Just by adding two hooks at the ends of each piece of Mialisia VersaStyle Jewelry it creates infinte possibilities."  You can watch the concept video here:  lifechangingjewelry.com

It's versatile and fun!  Necklaces can be bracelets, bracelets can be necklaces.   Multiple bracelets hooked together creates a funky belt.  It's a brilliant concept.

My darling Kelly has lovingly donated a piece to give away to one of YOU!  (Lucky, lucky!)  To win the necklace shown above, simply fill out the rafflecopter below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be notified via email on Tuesday, January 21.  GOOD LUCK and here's to old roommates and old friends!  Happy ACCESSORIES Monday!


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