Lessons From Lilly

In my opinion, one of the most exciting things about being a mother is learning something new every day.  My children are the teachers.

Last week, while shopping in my beloved Target, I found a package of eight, blank "project books."  I bought them for Lilly knowing she would be thrilled.  Her new-found love for writing and illustrating her own storybooks makes my heart soar with the clouds!  She's entertained; I'm happy.  Here's her most recent story:

From Ms. Lilly and her story, "The Little Princess," we learn a number of things:

1.) The middle finger is bad.
2.) The story telling community (and the Brothers Grimm) might have it wrong.  All these years I thought the necessary opening line to a fairy tale was "once upon a time."  Nope.  According to Lilly, it's "once a pond a time."  And...you know...Lilly is always right!
3.) Preness and princess is basically the same thing.
4.) Use caution when wandering into dark caves.
5.) Princes can be poor.
6.) When faced with big, life decisions, counsel with your mom and dad.  And by "counsel" I mean, "get their permission."

And the last thing is something I personally learn from Lilly on a regular basis:

7.) Kids are a riot!  Despite the challenges, the frustrations, and "the hard stuff," motherhood is a kick in the pants!

In a really good way. 


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