The Things That Ring

In July I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to San Jose for the tenth annual BlogHer conference.  (Side note:  The city of San Jose was a pleasant surprise, with lots of palm trees and architectural charm!)  From the ride to the convention center with the Ukrainian cabby, to the shirtless, homeless, delightfully quirky dude asking me if I was Keith Richard's wife (say what?), I knew I was in for a treat!

At the conference there was an abundance of good food and awesome swag.  The classes were informative and inspirational.  People were kind.  And holy moley, talented and creative women were everywhere!! 

In the midst of all the parties and workshops--the late nights and the early mornings, the motivational discussions, the laughing and socializing, and dancing with Rev Run--I learned a few things.  Relevant maxims applicable to bloggers and non-bloggers alike; things shared by women and for women to embrace.  Adages that struck a chord and rang true to my soul:

#1--Self-pity is for suckers.
#2--Don't be mean.
#3--Everyone has a story.
#4--Have passion.  Do the things that bring you the most joy.
#5--People are valuable.
#6--Your words mean more than you could ever know.  Choose good ones.

Words matter.  And these are my words, my friends.  The ones I choose to share with you when my small corner of the world is filled with light; the ones I choose to share with you when I am depressed by life's dark clouds.  Like a well-loved book with a spine that's cracked, I open myself up to you over and over again.  With sincerity.  With humor.  With love.  With a knowledge that you are much like me:  Seeking joy, facing pain, working hard, loving fiercely, fighting in trenches, shoveling discouragement.

Why do I do it?  Because someone in San Jose thinks I might be Keith Richard's wife!

But mostly because of #3.  And #4.  And #5... 



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