The Pinata Thing

I suppose it all started the day I got a text message from a friend:

"Hey, can I borrow your keys to the church? I need to use the copy machine."

I happened to be in Wal-Mart at the time the message was received, scouring the school supply aisle for metallic Sharpies. (Because EVERYONE needs a gold Sharpie!) As I maneuvered my cart past the party aisle, I hit reply:

"Sure! I will leave them on your doorstep on my way home."

And that is when I saw it. Colorful. Festive. Fun. Utterly perfect.

What's not to love about a pinata?! I mean, think about it . . . It is a cardboard box shaped like a donkey (or a cupcake, or a pumpkin, or whatever other shape you can imagine), that is then decorated in fringy, multi-colored crepe paper. You fill it with all kinds of yummy sweet treats, hang it up, and then proceed to beat the crap out of it with a stick. It's genius. It's gold.

Quite frankly, I am all for anything that involves candy. The fact that I get to take out all my mommy frustrations and life stresses on a cardboard donkey, with a swing and a crack of a bat, is just a bonus. Plus, those pinatas are awfully cute.

An idea struck me like a zap from an electrical socket:  Put your church keys inside a pinata full of candy. Your friend will think it is hilarious; her kids will LOVE it.

So that's what I did!

I had such a jolly good time (seriously dudes, I was at the maximum level of giddy) leaving a pinata on my friend's porch, that I wanted to do it again. And again and again and again. Before I nodded off to sleep that night, another idea zapped me. (That's how my ideas come . . . in zaps!)   

Leave pinatas on other people's porches. Do it as a way to serve those around you. Let it be your signature act of kindness. Let a cardboard donkey become a symbol of your love, gratitude, and affection for the beautiful people around you.


In answer to the question, "What's up with the 'pinata thing?,'" I would offer this:

I hope to make the most of the precious lifetime I'm blessed with. And if that means filling it with goodness and service--assuring my sisters-in-spirit that they are seen and that they do matter--I can do that. It was William Penn who wrote, "I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, as I shall not pass this way again." If there be any kindness I can show, let me do it NOW.  

This is my chance, my friends.

I can start by filling a pinata!

*Are you on Instagram?  You can search #porchpinata to view the pinatas I've given away!  Lots of crepe-papered donkey goodness!*    


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