If a June Night Could Talk

Bern Williams said, "If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance."

I love the summertime. It sends my heart soaring with nostalgia as it reminds me of past adventures with my dreamy husband!

We first met while working the same summer job...SIXTEEN years ago! Eventually we went our separate ways (for four years) and lost track of each other, only to be reunited one summer by a mutual friend. We hung out as pals (*insert heavy-hearted sigh*) and enjoyed various summertime activities--baseball games, BBQs, and late night movies--with a great group of our friends. We had a lot of fun that summer. As pals.

We were still spending time with each other the next summer, but in very different ways. James would drive his old, white, Chevy Blazer to the base of the mountain behind his parents' home. He'd drive until the paved road turned to gravel. And then he'd drive until the gravel came to a complete dead end. He'd turn the Blazer around so we were facing the valley below us. It was usually nighttime.

From our high vantage point, we could see all the stoplights in the distance--tiny and bright, like a strand of Christmas tree lights--and we'd watch them change from green to yellow to red. James and I would listen to Coldplay's "Parachutes" album and smooch like fools in that Blazer on the mountain. We made-out a lot that summer. We said, "I love you." That summer, we got scared of what the Future held in his palms for us--like a large, ominous stranger standing before us, waiting to reveal what his cupped hands kept hidden. We grew in faith and compassion. We got engaged that summer. We prayed a lot.

And finally, we were married that wonderful, wonderful summer.

Imagine my sheer delight when while organizing files and photos on my computer, I stumbled upon photos that had long been forgotten. Photos I thought were lost. Photos that represent the romance of June nights and the magic of summer love.

I knew what I had to do . . . print them. I used my PIXMA iP8720 to print my past--my summertime history--so that I could remember what Future holds in his hands for me: A beautiful life.

Summer is for lovers.

Summer is for me and James.


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