Piñatas = Love

She calls me "Sparkles." I call her my little "Nugget of Love." (Because she's short, you guys!) It's a very beautiful thing we've got going on!

My friend, Emilie, is brilliant and creative and lovely. I adore her to Pluto (which IS a planet) and back. Her friendship has been a blessing in my life; her light has been a gift. She's a designer at Modern Yardage, and you can check out her genius here.

So imagine my elation when I posed the question, "Who wants to help me make a piñata t-shirt?" on Facebook, and Emilie replied with an, "I'll do it!" To say I was thrilled would be an understatement! I knew my special piñata project would be in good hands, and I knew Emilie would craft something wonderful.

AND HERE SHE IS! My custom design!

Isn't she a beaut? Isn't she heaven? Isn't she a piñata lover's dream? The jury is still out on what to name her...(Peggy?, Patty?, Pamela?)...but she makes my heart happy, regardless.

Once Emilie sent me the design, I knew it was time to get busy making Peggy, Patty, Pamela into a t-shirt. I purchased some iron-on heat transfers from my friendly, neighborhood craft store and used my gorgeous PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer to print the image onto the transfers. As a friendly reminder, make certain to "flip" your image "vertically" before printing on the transfer. You want it facing the right way when you iron it on!

**An Important Mama Leisha Note About Transfers: Follow the dang instructions. Word by word. To a T. Otherwise you will melt the transfer. And burn the shirt. And start your iron on fire. And maybe even cuss like a sailor...

The finished product is to-die-for CUTE! Printing the image with my PIXMA iP8720 was easy, peasy.

If you would like to know more about my "piñata prowess," you can read a lovely little ditty about it here. OR...you can watch me talk about below.

P.S. After my dad watched this segment he texted me the following: "You were awesome -- lots of energy." I replied: "Is lots of energy code for hyper?" His response: "More like crazy about a cause!" HA! Which is ACCURATE!



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