Uplift Families

I have always been a self-professed "word nerd." Those of you who read this blog (Hi, Mom!) know that I mention this often.

I love learning new words. I love learning about where they come from and what they mean. I think language is fascinating. I confess to frequently looking up the definitions of words in the dictionary. (I may or may not highlight the ones that I especially like...I'll never tell! Because admitting that takes me to a whole other level of nerdy!)

The word, "uplift," has been a personal favorite throughout my life. It's definition is superb: "To make someone happy or hopeful; to raise something to a higher position; to improve the spiritual, social, and intellectual condition of." Isn't that wonderful? I continually strive to be a person who uplifts. It matters so much to me.

The First Lady of Utah, Mrs. Jeanette Herbert, also recognizes the power of putting into action the word, "uplift." She embodies it, as she has established a non-profit organization here in Utah called, "Uplift Families." The purpose and mission of Uplift Families is "to promote happiness, prosperity, and societal stability through strong families and meaningful parent-child relationships." Uplift Families is determined to "connect parents to programs, resouces, and information" that will help them to raise "loving, responsible children." It is an important cause; it is a beautiful initiative. You can find more information at upliftfamilies.org.

As a blogger, a writer, and a mother, I have the extraordinary blessing of being able to work with Mrs. Herbert in supporting her cause. I will be attending her annual "Uplift Families Conference" on September 19th. And you should come, too! It will be an incredible and inspiring event.

You can purchase your tickets HERE. And this is the BEST part...if you use the coupon code, Leisha2015, you get five bucks off! Five bucks to save for when your crazy kiddos drive you to the point where buying a Diet Coke and donut becomes a necessity! Ha!

Come to the conference with me! We'll talk. We'll laugh. We'll learn a lot. We'll eat. We'll be edified. WE'LL HUG IT OUT!

And most importantly, we'll be UPLIFTED. 


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