Zen Den!

Last night, during a lovely take-out dinner prepared by me (ahem), Camren busted out the "Tree Pose."

You know, like yoga. He stood beside the table and placed his hands, palm-to-palm, above his head. I watched as his foot popped up onto his wobbly little knee. He looked at us and said, "Tree!"

"Camren!," I exclaimed, "How do you know that?! How do you know yoga?!"

In between bites of her cheese quesadilla, Lilly said, "I bet I can explain! You see, sometimes we do yoga at school. We go to the zen den so we can learn how to do it. Camren probably learned it that way." She reached for her root beer and took a sip.

"Wait, what? You go where?," I asked.

Lilly shrugged her shoulders and said, "The zen den."

"The ZEN DEN!," I hollered! I couldn't help but laugh. How ridiculously cute is that? How perfect is that? I mean, what a cathartic kick in the calm center of your chi! What a hoot!

"Well," I said, between stifling giggles and mouthfuls of rice, "That is the most delightful thing I have heard all day."

James, who had been listening and eating quietly across the table from me, suddenly spoke up and said, "I should visit the zen den. I think I'd like to lock myself in there." And then after a pause, "And throw the key away."

HA HA! Too, too funny. And this from the frequently-frazzled man who equates parenting our children with herding cats!

But you know what, my friends? We all need a zen den! Life is chaotic and stressful. It can be zero-to-sixty in the fast lane, with no signs of red lights or slowing down anywhere. It can be staggering and tiresome--a proverbial marathon of kids, school, work, errands, laundry, deadlines, bills, and sleeplessness! Life is hard!

Taking time to relax and to breathe is paramount. We've got to take care of ourselves by taking time for ourselves. We deserve that. We should be paying regular visits to our own personal zen dens...whether that be a hot bath or a warm bed with a good book, or a bike ride on an autumn afternoon or an uplifting conversation with a trusted friend. It could be anything. Journaling, pampering, Netflix binge watching, jogging! What is your zen den? Find what works for you and do it!

Because you are beyond extraordinary. In all you do. In all you accomplish.

(*clasp hands in front of you and bow*)




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