Linus and Lucy and A Gratitude Tree!

One of my favorite comics is from Peanuts by Charles Schulz.

In it, Lucy is feeling mighty glum. Right from the beginning, from the opening frame, it becomes clear to the reader that Lucy is having a very bad day. She is fed up and frustrated with her life, telling her little brother that it's a complete drag. "I've never felt so low in my life," she claims.

Linus, out of concern for her, tries to help her through her woes. He offers a simple but poignant solution: Count your blessings.

"Ha! That's a good one," Lucy replies. "I could count my blessings on one finger! I've never had anything, and I never will have anything! And you talk about counting blessings! You talk about being thankful! What do I have to be thankful for?"

Linus looks at her and says, "Well, for one thing, you have a little brother who loves you..."

And in the next frame we see Lucy bawling her eyes out on Linus's shoulder as she hugs him!  It's the sweetest thing with a powerful message.

It's November! A time for giving thanks, a season for counting our blessings and for letting our gratitude for them fill our hearts. Looking for a way to teach your children this important principle this month? Snag my free printable and create a "Gratitude Tree" as a family!

And when I count MY blessings, I'll remember YOU. Thanks for the love!


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