The "Be Good" Bus

Autism looks like many things in my house...

It looks like meltdowns and tantrums and tears. It looks like phone calls from the principal's office and citations from the bus driver. It looks like chocolate-brown eyes and gap-toothed grins. It looks as much like anger and frustration as it does laughter and joy. It looks like setbacks and successes.

It is many things. It has many colors. It is many emotions.

In my house, autism also looks like a preschool! With pictures and signs hanging up around the house, these visual cues remind Camren of important life truths: Hitting is bad; Always make your bed in the morning; Use kind words.

In my latest episode of "Get Creative with Canon," I share some cute printables you can use in your home with your children. They have been a tremendous help to us as we navigate parenting a child with special needs.

I hope they help you, too!



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