Stop It!

My curly-haired Irish saint (who is also known as Bridget, ha!) has recently favored a new phrase; some snappy vernacular to add to her already "saucy" vocabulary.
That little turkey will not stop saying, "Stop it!"

I try to tame her "wild mane," she says stop it. I ask her to put her shoes on, she tells me to stop it. I dance with her in the kitchen, ask her to eat her lunch at the table, and smooch on her petal-soft cheeks, all while her sassy response remains the same:

"Stop it, Mom! Stop it!

I've been thinking a lot about her exclamations of STOP and am realizing I should heed her wishes and take to heart her command. Not for the benefit of her naughty self (so much of it is done to push boundaries), but for MY benefit.

The definition of stop is to cause to come to an end; to cease to happen. There are numerous thoughts, feelings, and habits I should "cause to come to an end" to help foster a better, happier me.

Raising my voice in anger to my children when they act as typical children do; forgetting that I am the one responsible for teaching them correct and appropriate ways to behave? Stop it!

Feeling guilty I'm not more health conscious when I choose to eat a cupcake for breakfast? Stop it!

Worrying about what other people think of my crazy-ass self? Stop it!

Feeling like my son's struggles with autism is a reflection of my poor parenting? Stop it! (Because autism is never, ever a reflection of poor parenting!)

Eating too many donuts in one day? Stop it! Maybe.

Neglecting who I truly am at my center and occasionally forgetting how minutely precious my incomparable worth is? Stop it!

Stop. It.

Because I'm not perfect and you're not perfect. Nor are we ever expected to be perfect in this lifetime. No sir! No way! And you know what? That wonderful truth should free our weary spirits and fill our lungs with shouts of hallelujah! We. Don't. Have. To. Be. Perfect. We just have to work hard, pray harder, do our best, and forgive ourselves.

So tell me...
What will you be stopping this year?

I hope it's not the donuts!



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