A fish swam into a cement wall and said, "DAM!"

Looking for something fun to do with your kiddos?  When the "blahs" and the "stir-crazies" have got your children down in the dumps, when the looong winter is sending you running for the Dunford donuts, might I suggest planning a "Fish Day"!?

You might be asking, "But Mama Leisha, what does 'Fish Day' entail?" (Or "en-fin"...ha, ha!  Get it?!  I know, I KNOW...bad!)

Well, let me just tell you...

First, pick a day for aquatic celebrating.  Second, raid your local party store for decorations.  Be sure to visit the "Hawaiian Luau" aisle--you'll most likely find cut-outs of tropical fish attached to shiny, bright-colored streamers.  While you are out and about, you may want to pay a visit to a craft store or a scrapbook store.  They will have the best selection of fish stickers.  Pick up a couple of packages.  (And remember, when faced with the option to buy glittery fish stickers versus non-glittery fish stickers, go with the glitter.  Duh.  "Sparkle" is always a good thing.)  Thirdly, stop at the grocery store for Swedish Fish and Goldfish crackers.  Fourth, DECORATE your abode with your fishy finds!

Kick off "Fish Day" by reading some books to your little ones.  My favorites include:

1.)  Ten Little Fish by Audrey and Bruce Wood
2.)  Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway (All of hers are wonderful--Clumsy Crab, Tickly Octopus, Fidgety Fish)
3.)  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess

Next, have the kids put the fish stickers all over plastic baggies.  Fill the baggies up with the Swedish Fish and Goldfish cracker snacks you got at the store.  Then...


And take those cute bags of snacks with you!  That way, the kiddos can munch, and munch, and munch while viewing jellyfish, sea horses, and sting rays.  (Brilliant, right?!  Are you loving this?  Are you?  Are you?!)

Make the day extra special and invite Granny and Auntie to come along!

End the day with a game of "Go Fish."  Or play "Hide and Seek" with plastic, bath-toy fish.  (We already had some, but I've seen similar stuff at dollar stores.)  Hide the fish behind couch pillows, in cupboards and drawers, and under beds.  Have your children search for them!

We did a couple of fish crafts.  Lilly glued colorful paper fish to blue construction paper, to create her own "Under the Sea" scene.  Pipe cleaner can be cut, bent, and then glued to the paper, to represent seaweed or coral.  Googly eyes are great for the fish eyes...just as long as your four-year old glues them to the paper fish, instead of sticking them up her nose.  (That, my friends, is a different blog post for a different day.  *Sigh*)  Have fun.  Get crazy.  Be creative.

And remember to have a FISH-TASTIC day!!

"Fish Day?  I think my mom might be nuts!"

Beware the Piranhas!  (Yep, that's my impression of one.) 



  1. you crack me up! hahahaha Lily is a small version of you :) you're both adorable!

  2. THANKS FOR READING!!!! Blowing you "fish face" kisses!!!

  3. goodness I love you! Your kids have such a fun mama!!!


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