Ms. Lilly is a hoot; a genuine kick in the pants!  The hilarious verbiage that comes out of her mouth never ceases to knock my socks off and crack me up!  Here are a few faves from the last week. 

*I was attempting to vacuum the living room.  Cam was chasing the vacuum cleaner (he's got a thing for anything with wheels), and Lilly was perched safely on the couch with her feet protectively tucked beneath her.  (As if I would try to suck up her toes...sheesh!):

"Oh no, Mom!  Mom!?  You have to stop vacuuming!  I don't want Cam to get sucked up.  Don't you dare suck up MY little brother!" 

*Pre-bath time:

"I think I'm ready to get in the tub now.  I really want to be all shiny and clean." 

*After paying a visit to the toilet:

"Hey Mom!  I just went one big poop in the potty!  Isn't that neat?!  Isn't that great?!"  (Yes, this one IS positively disgusting, but I include it in this post to illustrate how undeniably kooky my life as a mother can be!) 

*We have a sliding glass door/window in our kitchen.  I was wiping sticky (and kind of adorable) little fingerprints off of it with a paper towel and some Windex.  (I heart Windex!)  Lilly asked me if she could help.  I gave her a paper towel and sprayed some Windex for her:

"Aaah!  You just sprayed my hand!"
"Sorry, Lil!  I didn't mean to," I said.
"Oh, that's okay.  Sometimes in life, things just happen."  (Said like a wise sage; like Buddha.  Meditate on that!) 

*While grocery shopping:

"Hey!  I just realized something.  Boys are gross.  Boys are really gross." 

*While playing the hilarious (and oh-so-addicting) game, Angry Birds, on our iPad:

"GREEN birds!  Oh my gosh, there are green birds in this level!  It's a Christmas miracle!"  

Ha ha!

Ready for "the recap"?  Boys are gross, green birds are miraculous, and everybody poops.  Things just happen, beware the vacuum, and if you really want to shine...take a bath.

Aaah, life with YOUNG CHILDREN!!  Ain't it GRAND?!

(And if you ask me, that Lilly Girl doesn't need a bath to shine.  She does that naturally.)


  1. LOL poop talk and angry birds all in one! i love it!
    i am cracking up! hey, i don't think there's anything thing wrong with poo talk. :)
    she is adorable in her green and awesome fluffy headband!!
    tell her and "gary" i said hello! :)
    the tacohead


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