I Didn't Mean To Be A Witch

Once upon a time,
on a dark and scary night,
I walked into the kitchen
and was met with such a fright!

Sticky, sippy cups resting
in puddles of juice on the tile.
A trail of mashed up Froot Loops,
that could have measured a mile.

A mischievous ghoul and goblin,
stomping around on the floor.
Yelling and kicking and banging pots--
destruction, like I'd never seen before.

My upper lip started sweating,
my eye began to twitch.
I felt my blood start to boil,
Oh no!  Here comes my “mama witch!”

"Don't make a mess," I yell,
"and would you stop hitting each other.
Why won't you two listen to me?
After all, I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!"

With a snap and a snarl, I turn on my heel,
and gruffly leave the room.
I didn't mean to be a witch,” I say to myself,
as I tackle the laundry that looms.

I'm certain we've all felt like witches,
with our tempers and ornery glares.
As mothers, we work hard for no recognition
and wonder if anyone cares.

We frequently feel frustrated--
we feel patience is a virtue we lack.
If brooms were a mode of transportation,
on tough days, our bags we would pack.

No matter our ages or stages in life,
being a mother is tough.
We question our abilities, we doubt ourselves,
we wonder if we've done enough.

But, in the midst of all the questions,
and the cobwebs and the cauldron a bubbling--
There IS something marvelous about being a mom,
that really is quite humbling.

We must never forget that our children,
are Heavenly Father's children too.
We are wonderful, and on witchy, imperfect days,
there are a few things we can do.

We can take a deep breath, put down the broom,
and pray to our Father above.
We can change our perspective, recall the good,
and resume mothering with an increase in love.

So when a dark and scary night rushes in-
when our responsibilities overwhelm us with fear-
We'll remember our roles are especially divine,
and we'll shout, “There are NO witches here!” 



  1. Just found you thru the blog hop!

  2. I can't imagine anything but a smile on your pretty face!! So I'm quite certain your kids would notice that too...we can all be witches, but we recognise that. You're so not a scary witch, you're too funny :)
    Thanks a bunch for your awesome email, you will be hearing from me soon xoxo

  3. This was incredibly cute and thank you for the reminder. :)

  4. you are far from a witch!! :) but you are super talented and a wonderful mama!!
    such a creative, funny and heartfelt poem!
    love it!!
    and i know your lil' ghouls and goblins appreciate all you do.
    ps- LOL @ lilly's quip of the day! he pooped on his head, huh?! ;)
    hope your week is going GREAT!!
    tacohead hugs!

  5. I love it. The next time I feel my patience is lacking, I am going to say, "There are no witches here!."

    Stopping by to let you know that you are a guest cohost for Bee Friendly Friday this week! The post goes live tonight at 7 pm pacific. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

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  7. hahah I love your blog!! can't wait to check out the rest of it! :)

    i'm the newest follower! droppd by from the friday hop, have a great weekend!

  8. Love your blog,

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop, would be great if you followed back?

  9. I've definitely had my "witch" moments with my kids :P Great post!

    Stopped by for Friendly Friday and followed you on GFC, hope you'll stop by and follow back!


  10. I loved this!

    I found you from the blog hop and now following via GFC.

    Come followe me back at http://slightlynerdysometimescool.blogspot.com/

  11. I love that. I found you through the hop. Come by and say hi.

  12. ha ha ha that is so cute! I am a new GFC fan My 2 Cents. Please visit and follow me back at My 2 Cents
    Thank you

  13. Lady, you are brilliant! I love your posts :)

  14. I just found you via the Sunday blog hop and I'm so glad I did! I adore your blog, it's too cute! Your kids are adorable and you seem super fun! I'm a bookworm, too, only my vice is Dr. Pepper instead of Diet Coke. Which I'm drinking now, because I'm blogging. Haha! Nice to "meet" you!

  15. Hi ya doll face! I've been missing you like something turrible. I'm sorry that I have been MIA this past week; I've had pneumonia for the last two and I'm going outta my mind!

    I adore your lovely poem; I'm going to print it out and hang it on my mirror. Hope you're well.


  16. Great post! Congratulations for being chosen to co-host the hop. I'm your newest follower!

  17. This is a wonderful poem. Very well written.

  18. I love this!!! And loving that pic of my fave witch at the end. :) Listen, if you dip yourself in glitter this week, I expect a post about it with full credit to me. Hahaha! I'm actually trying to come up with a way to put fine glitter on my face for Halloween without it getting all over the place or going into my eyes...any suggestions??

  19. I'm visiting from the Saturday Stalk blog hop. I'm now following you on GFC as Ericka T. Please check out my blog and consider following me. Thanks.


  20. Love this poem! Going to repost to my fb wall on halloween! Thanks for sharing :)

    btw - i'm hopping through from the finding-new-friends-weekend-blog-hop


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