A Winner, A Fashion Statement!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to pretty mama, Hilary Christensen!  She's the lucky winner of 
the $25 gift certificate to the Wood Connection!

Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who entered.  And as always, a heartfelt and sincere  
THANK YOU for being a "Mama Leisha supporter."  
I greatly appreciate all the comments, follows, emails, friendships, and love.
I'm blessed.

Last Sunday I could not warm my feet up.  They were freezing!  In an effort to "toast my toesies," I put a pair of McHubby's thick, athletic socks on.  When he approached me about going on a Sunday drive (like old people do!), my first thought was, "There is no way I'm taking these socks off!"

So I didn't.

I put my sassy, burnt orange-colored flats on...right over those "several-sizes-too-big" socks.
What do you think of my fashion statement?!

   ("I'm sexy and I know it.")

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You should see me strutting in my sexy khaki green military issue socks that belong to my husband! We could hang out like that and not think twice about it :)
    And I love being a friend,follower,commenter and lover of Mama Leisha!! xx

    1. You are a sweetheart, Kerry! I'd love to see you in those socks! I'd probably want to borrow a pair. Love ya!

  2. You rock those knee socks. Isn't it fun to wear the Mr's clothing?! I always steal Steve's stuff. He jokes I buy stuff for him to steal it.
    I love your shoes. Whenever I see flats I think of you...and the way you skipped and danced your way over to me the first time we met (in our pretty shiny flats).
    I love you
    I miss you

  3. * your pretty shiny flats.
    If they were "ours," that'd be somethin'.

  4. I just emailed you!! Thank you....hopefully it's not too late :)


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