Pizza In A Can?!

I really hate to brag, but.....I think my kid might be a creative genius.

Girlfriend's got a knack for songwriting!  I once overheard her singing the following while taking a bath:

Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza.
Pizza can.  Pizza can.
Pizza la, pizza loo, pizza la dee da dee doo.
Pizza in a can.  It's a treat.  Pizza can, a treat to eat.
Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza.
Pa-pa pizza.  Pa-pa pizza.
Pizza can.  Pizza can.
Hail to the pizza.  Hail to the pizza.
Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza.


See?  Creative.  Genius.  Not only did she make up a catchy jingle about pizza when she was three-years-old, she INVENTED a whole new pizza product.  (At least, I think it's new...)  Pizza in a can.  Brilliant, right?  (Or...gross?)  For days I considered calling "the people" at Pizza Hut.  And by "people," I mean our usual delivery guy, Danny.  James thought this was a wacky idea: 

"What could Danny do?"

"I'm sure he knows people, James."

"He's SIXTEEN!  He works part time!  Aleisha, he's still in HIGH SCHOOL!"

McHubby is a hater.

I considered emailing "the people" at Pizza Hut.  And by "people," I mean whoever the heck answers the emails sent from the "Contact Us" button on  I drafted my message in my head while I did the dishes.  I thought about all the eye-catching things I could write in my message while I folded the laundry.  I went as far as thinking I could attach a video to my email--a nifty little clip of Ms. Lilly singing her pizza jingle while promoting her pizza invention.  Alas, after several weeks of serious contemplation and scheming, I let my dreams of wealth and notoriety go.  Instead of using my daughter to climb the "ladder of success," I did the honorable thing...  I ordered a pizza.  Supreme.  Extra peppers.  A side of cheese sticks.

Since the "Pizza Can Jingle" days, Lilly has made up a number of quirky songs.  Combine her hilarity with her brilliance and the outcome is pretty zippy.  You get songs about magical cows and ice-cream; songs about zombies and getting married.  She sings a little ditty about being a maid; she once sung about having a witch for a mother.  (Too much Cinderella?)  She once rapped (yes, you read that right) for twenty minutes about the craziest stuff:  hair, dolphins, diarrhea.  Hands down, the BEST lines in her rap were, "I like to wiggle, and I like to jiggle."

Recently (and randomly), Lilly was singing a song she had made up about robots.  I jumped at the chance to film her.  She is hilarious!  As her doting mother, I celebrate her imagination.  I love how her kid brain works.  I adore her creativity.  I hope you do too:

And one day, when you're enjoying pizza in a can, I hope you'll think of me and my brown-eyed girl.

We'll be on our yacht.


  1. This is really cute and your daughter is very creative. It is really nice when they put their own spin to a song and add words to a tune they are familiar with.
    Mine boy does this on occasion and my little girl sings songs constantly.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Shayne and I just watched this and she said, "she's beautiful." She is beautiful.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! What a way to end my day! :) Omygosh, I was telling Jessica about the robot song. Muffin's ears went back so far whenever Lilly sang "towwwwnnnnnnn!" LOL
    "I like to wiggle and I like to jiggle!" Best. Line. Ever. You are right!
    I admit, I kinda liked her rap about diarrhea! I want to hear the "Pizza in a can"song. :)
    P.S. - check out the photo that comes up when the video is done playing! Hahahahahaha! I was dying laughing!!

  4. My daughter used to put her hands together in prayer and moo - - that was her way of saying 'Holy cow!' The things these kids come up with!

  5. Ahhh, nevermind...the photo changes at the end of each view. After my first view, it was a photo of a very angry man who resembled Saddam Hussein! LOL!

  6. So I just sat down with my 3 year old daughter to catch up on blogs, and she watched that video with me... she was SNORTING laughing!! We watched it at least 5x. SOOO thanks for a laugh from your cutie :)

  7. AhhhhhDorable! And the pizza in a can is an interesting concept. And something I wouldn't be surprised to see on grocery store shelves. We see about everything else, why not canned pizza??
    I LOVED the conversation about the pizza deliver man(or boy) haha.

  8. Pretty sure I am envisioning Pizza in a Can to look like those cinnamon rolls in a can... get on that! Great plan.

  9. What exactly is pizza in a can? Maybe I don't want to know lol
    She is just like you Aleisha, she has a great creative role model!!


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