"Mama's On Maternity Leave" Guest Post: Featuring POLLY

My charming friend, Polly, and I were in Northern Utah's, "Listen To Your Mother" show together.  The first time we met was at a rehearsal.  She walked into the room sporting a tailored jacket and short, spunky hair, and I knew it was love!  She is such a talented writer.  You can read her at comingtogrips.net.

Coming to Grips with Taking the Name of Mom in Vain

My son is now talking. 

He says, “Mom.  Mom.  Mom!  Come on!”

“You can do it, Ove.  You’re an independent person,” I say.

“I not pendent person. I Ove!” he says.

And still we have the same conversation in the bathroom at least four times a day.

He says, “MOM!!  Mom.  Mom, wash my hands!”

“You can wash your hands, Ove.  I know you can,” I say. 

“MOM!  MOM! Step stool!” he says.

“You can get the step stool,” I say.

“Mom! Mom!” he says.

And I’m sure you have experienced this classic toddler conversation:

Ove: Mom.

Me: What?

Ove: Mom.

Me: What?

Ove: Mom!

Me: What, Ove?

Ove: MOM!!!

I’ve made a new rule: thou shalt not take the name of the Mom in vain.

When he was born, like all of you mothers, I wondered, what is he thinking?

Well, now I know.

He’s thinking, “MOM!  Mom!  Mom! Mom!!! MOM!!!!!!”


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