Charming Charlie and Friendship

Last week, I finished a fascinating book by Dr. Hilda Ruch titled, "Women Create!"

In the book, Dr. Ruch talks all about how aaaaahhhhh-mazing and intrinsically creative women are, and how much they contribute to the world around them.  (Heck yes!)  Women create life.  Women create beauty.  Women create change for the better.  They are capable of leading and nurturing many, and of learning and achieving much.  They have an exquisite adeptness for connecting with other women.  We call this skill--even god-given gift--friendship.

Dr. Ruch so splendidly writes, "Friends play an important role in our sense of well-being and have a positive impact on life.  We rely on a friend as someone who cares and who will affirm and support us.  Friendships shape and influence who we are and who we might become.  They soothe our inner worlds, offer solace, and nourish emotional growth."

I LOVE that!  Our friends are the ones who buoy us up when life's sea gets rocky.  They offer advice, comfort, love, and Halloween candy (ha!), and always when we need it the most.  They help us pick out the perfect pair of earrings at Charming Charlie!  They bring a great deal of joy into our spheres.

And when we are fearful--about to step off the edge of what is familiar and comfortable to us--our friends are there to say, "You can do this.  You've got this, Mama."

I'm so grateful for friendship.  
Aren't you?


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