To Be A Fly On My Wall...

Scene:  My kitchen, with the fabulously red accent wall.  Dishes are in the sink, but who cares, because there are pumpkin bagels on the counter!  James and I are standing by the magnet-adorned refrigerator.  Lilly is sitting at the table, doing her math homework.

Me, to James:  We heard you singing.
James:  You what?
Me:  I was upstairs with Lilly, helping her out of the bathtub, and we heard you singing down here.
Lilly:  It was really funny, Dad!
Me:  It made us laugh.  You were singing like a total rock star.
Lilly:  Yea...or like a goober.


Friends, I hope your day is rockin'!  
(Speaking of rocking...time to pay a visit to my rocking chair, to put a wee babe down for a nap.)


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