Bright Spots

This picture probably doesn't look like much, but the moment it was taken was special for me.

I got caught in a springtime rainstorm on my way home from Provo.  When I looked out the rain-speckled windshield, to the distant mountains before me, I could see one glorious "bright spot" where the sun seemed to be reflecting off the snow.  It was in that moment of awe and contemplation when I remembered what I know...

That there is beauty in adversity.  There is hope in trials.  We may be shrouded in darkness for a time--proverbial storm clouds filling our lungs and knocking against our chests--but there are bright spots on the horizon.  Always bright spots.  Always heaven sent.  Always present.  They are a reflection of The Son whose position at our sides is unfailing and certain.  Whose compassion for us is filled with light.

See the bright spots in your lives, my friends.
See small miracles.
See Him


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