Because Of Him

"Jesus is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer.  Because of Him, death is not the end, and life takes on new meaning.  We can change, we can start over—and we can live again with God.  This Easter, celebrate His life and discover all that’s possible because of Him."

Spring is a lovely time of year.  I enjoy the red tulips and the yellow daffodils that are starting to bloom. I adore the Easter holiday.  I love seeing children in their "Easter Sunday best."  I eat too many chocolate bunnies and hoard those decadent Cadbury eggs!  

But there is something infinitely more dear than the springtime flowers, the spiffy new church clothes, and the Easter candy.  Something far more precious and pure---the opportunity we have to celebrate the Savior.  His life.  His sacrifice.  His death.  His resurrection.  His beauty.

I know He lives, my friends.  And I know that once I pass beyond the horizon of my earthly mortality, I will live again too.  Because of Him, I will be reunited with beloved grandparents, uncles, and aunts who have passed on.  Because of Him, my ears will hear the music of my grandma's laughter once more.  Because of Him, my cherished friends--who have mourned painfully, suffered greatly, and have shed salty tears over the loss of their sweet fathers--will behold those men in glory and light, and remember how it feels to be embraced by them.  And because of Him, I will see my friend again.  I'll be able to touch her cheeks and look into her eyes when I tell her how much I love her.

 I know my Savior loves me.  I know He loves each one of you.  

We are family.  God is real.  We are His.
I hope you have a joyful Easter. 


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