Easter Craftin'!

I decided it was time to clean out my pantry.

And oh my goodness, you guys, I found some of the craziest, nastiest, and oldest stuff in the far-reaches of the topmost shelf.  In the very back, in the dark, where the mac n' cheese boxes lurk.  I filled two garbage bags with items several years past their expiration dates.  (Sadly, one of those items was a box of Funfetti cake mix.  How is it possible I didn't even use it!?!  I LOVE Funfetti cake.)

I did find a giant tub of gumballs.  I'm a sucker for gumballs.  I cracked open the lid, popped a bright-colored gumball in my mouth, and immediately spit it out.  It was stale; hard as a rock and impossible to chew.  As I looked at the gumballs--cheerful and perky shades of red, yellow, green, and blue--a thought came to me.  I could use those in a craft project.

It's not too late to "get your Easter craft on," and this project is VERY easy.

You will need a bucket.  I've seen them at dollar stores and at Target's beloved, "Dollar Spot."  You can also check your local craft stores.

Fill your bucket with that floral foam stuff.  I filled in the sides with crumpled tissue paper.

I am IN LOVE with the striped paper straws sold in party supply stores and some grocery stores.  (Props to Wal-Hell for carrying them in an assortment of colors.)  For this step, you need a straw, some tape or glue, and cute Easter scrapbook paper.  (I found my paper locally at The Wood Connection.)  Attach the paper to the straw with your adhesive.  I made three of these.

Stick your straws into the floral foam and start filling your bucket with the gumballs.

And viola!...You are finished!  Display it in a place where your young children won't reach it.  (Take it from me, they WILL try to eat those gumballs.)  Didn't it turn out cute?!  It makes me happy.

Speaking of "filling buckets," THANK YOU so much for filling mine!  You fill my bucket with your kind words and compliments, with your love and support, and with your friendship.  What would I do without you?! 



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