Walk With Me

It happened a couple of years ago and I'll never forget it.

One Sunday, as we were leaving church, Lilly ran up to me, tugged on my sleeve and exclaimed, "Mom! Mom! I have to show you something I made. It is really cool!"

She preceded to show me a book she had made in her little church class. It was titled, "Service Book."

She carefully turned the pages and described to me what each one was about. I quickly gathered that her precious book was about ways we can serve others.

Hey, that is a good one!

That's a good one too.

Oooh, I like this one a lot! I will always accept a treat.

So tender and sweet, right? I watched as Lilly turned the page to the very last suggestion listed in her charming "Service Book."


"Do I walk funny?," I wondered. (And maybe I didn't want to know the answer to that!) "Do I stumble around a lot or trip often? Perhaps she is referring to when I am an old lady? And need help getting around?" I pondered and pondered and pondered.

Later, it donned on me, and I realized something powerful and profound:  That that is exactly what we do as women. We help each other walk. We sustain each other. We support each other. We uplift each other. We help each other walk in faith. We help each other walk in courage. We help each other walk the paths of forgiveness, patience, understanding, and love. We help each other walk when we are weary, downtrodden, or discouraged. We help each other walk when the path becomes dark and unknown.

And sometimes, when life becomes particularly painful and challenging, we carry each other.

I believe passionately and wholeheartedly in serving the women around me -- no matter who they are, where they come from, what they believe. They are my sisters. They could benefit from my service and from your service--great or small. A hug and a smile. A warm meal delivered on a rainy day. A nice card in the mail. You just never know the difference an act of kindness could make.

Elaine Jack, a brilliant and spiritual woman, said, "Reach out to each other. Hands often speak as voices can't. A warm embrace conveys volumes. A moment of sharing refreshes our souls."

You refresh my soul daily.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for walking this life and this journey with me.


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