Get Up and Glow!

I recently saw an ad for a "get up and glow" beauty kit that promised to highlight certain facial features and make you look radiant. (Or dewy and sun-kissed. I can't remember which.)

The kit included a cheekbone highlighter, shimmery powder, a magic wand (har, har), a "wish and a prayer" (har, har), and a get-up-and-glow makeup stick. It was pricey, touting a name brand that carried some klout. The poor (yet lovely) model looked so shiny and slick I couldn't help but think of the newly-washed silverware reflecting brightly in my kitchen drawer. It was weird.

Can I just be one-hundred-percent-honest with you, my friends? You do not need to spend mucho buckos to get a dewy face. That's crazy! If you have children or work with children you probably already have it. I call it "mom mist." I call it upper lip sweat. I call it overheating. I call it being hormonal AND responsible for little ones!

You don't have to visit a Sephora (though you should) or go looking for it in a box. You can get the "get up and glow" glow in so many other ways:

*You can wrestle with your children while attempting to get them dressed and ready for church.

*And then once there, you can wrestle with your children all through church.

*You can brave the grocery store with tired, hungry, fussy kids, and watch them melt down over which popsicles to get and whether or not donuts are a breakfast food. (Side note: They ARE a breakfast food, but I don't want my kids to know that just yet.)

*You can spend an afternoon at a splash pad, juggling sunscreen and sticky juice boxes.

*Changing diaper blowouts in the back of a car will get your glow glowing!

*Looking for some cheekbone shine? Take your kids on an outing to the zoo, and then try to explain to your sobbing, autistic son why the dang train is closed. The one and only thing he wanted to do at the zoo.

*If highlighting your nose and forehead is your thing, I highly recommend staying overnight in a hotel with a crazy baby who refuses to sleep ANYWHERE but in her own crib. In her home. That is hundreds of miles away.

While pregnant, I read an article about the infamous phenomenon most woman are familiar with called, "Pregnancy Glow." The article said that, "The increased volume of blood {while pregnant} causes the cheeks to take on an attractive blush, because of the many blood vessels just below the skin's surface. On top of this redness, the increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen." A WAXY SHEEN?!?

That's a bunch of crap.

Pregnancy glow, mommy glow, whatever...It's SWEAT. My often delightful but regularly naughty children make me sweaty.

And yet, through all the madness and mayhem and deodorant (for me!), they also make me very, very happy.



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