Today Is Special!

Did you know that today is the best day ever?! Today is better than the day my mom bought me my first book of Shel Silverstein poetry. Today is better than the day I wore my new "New Kids On The Block" t-shirt to school. Today is better than the day I met Phil Collen (of Def Leppard fame) on a street corner in Laguna Beach. Why?

Because today is my one year "Piñata Anniversary!" One year ago today, I delivered my very first piñata. And that act set into motion a project, a movement, a party, a cause that I came to embrace wholeheartedly. It has been a true source of joy in my life.

Since that day THIRTY-TWO piñatas have been delivered to friends and strangers alike! The majority of them have made their way to front porches and mailboxes all across the state of Utah. One piñata traveled as far as Kentucky; another found a home in South Carolina. Even my friend, Vinny, caught the "Piñata Fever" and left some piñata love on Dallas, Texas porches! Piñatas have been donated by small, local businesses as well as treasured friends who support me unwaveringly.

I have given piñatas to people who have felt overwhelmed by life's challenges. I have given piñatas to people who have been sick, who have lost loved ones, who have felt alone or depressed. I have given piñatas to people as a unique and quirky way of expressing my gratitude for them. Even a couple of my fellow "Autism mamas" have been recipients of cupcake-shaped cardboard!

And every night, as my weary head hits my beloved pillow, I whisper to God a simple prayer: Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me to do this. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed. 

So today I am celebrating! I am celebrating candy-filled donkeys and random acts of kindness! I am celebrating service and inspiration and goodness! (I might celebrate donuts, too. Which have nothing to do with my piñatas...I just really, really love them!) I think I'll celebrate by doing something nice for someone today.

Do me a favor? Celebrate with me?

Be kind, give service. Olé!



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