Car Conversations and Basic Invite!

Our best conversations usually take place in the car.

It was a pretty typical winter's day--the air was cold, the snow was deep, and gray clouds loomed over the valley. We were running lots of mundane errands together, trying to make it fun by singing along to pop songs on the radio. Our route eventually took us past the high school in our area.

"Mom," Lilly said, "Is graduating from high school a pretty big deal?"

"Absolutely," I replied, "a very big deal."

"So, when I graduate I should probably have a really big party. Like, it should be a celebration, right? Can we do that?"

"Of course it will be a celebration!," I answered. "And you bet, we'll throw a really big party."

And then, I kid you not, I cried. Because my ten-year-old "baby girl" is growing up faster than I can stand it! And it won't be long before I watch her receive her diploma, and recall this very conversation.

Mamas and parents and guardians all over are preparing for their graduates to "walk across that stage." Senior pictures are being taken, caps and gowns are being ordered, college applications are being mailed. It's an exciting and emotional time!

I recently discovered a lovely online stationary company called, Basic Invite. Their products--from wedding announcements to business cards to birth announcements to graduation announcements--are beyond dreamy!

My new business cards from Basic Invite make me swoon!
The thing that I love about Basic Invite is that they have over 180 different color options for your cards and invitations, so you can make certain that your card is exactly the way you want it. Not many companies do that! They also have 40 different colors of envelopes to give your invitation that added pop! before it's even opened. Lastly, they allow their customers to print a sample to review in hand before ever having to place a final order. Such a cool feature! You'll know exactly what you're getting.

Mamas, if you're making preparations for a graduate in your house, I wish you well! Be brave; you got this. As for me, I'll try not to cry over conversations in the car with my ten-year-old!

They grow up too fast.

*Want more information? Visit Basic Invite here:



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