Lemons, Lemons, Lemons!

Sometimes life hands you lemons. Big lemons. Small lemons. "Year-round-school" and "oh-my-gosh-my-kids-are-off-track" lemons. (HA!) Sour lemons. Really, really sour lemons. Two lemons. Two hundred lemons.

One important thing I have learned about lemons (in the VERY short time I have been a mature-thinking adult...*wink*) is that beneath the tough rind, beneath the yucky seeds and all that sour, beneath the face-melting pucker, lies the undeniable potential for sweetness. It is up to us...and only us...to decide what we are going to do with those lemons.

Throw them back? Run them over? Juggle them? Put them in a bowl and make a pretty centerpiece? Tuck them in your bra and praise the heavens you finally have ta-tas? (Ahem..my preference...as a flat-chested gal...) It is entirely up to you, my friends.

I would only hope you would reach for that proverbial bag of sugar; love and friendship and faith and light.

Because here is what I know: Lights are found at the ends of tunnels. Clouds have silver linings. Miracles are real. Rainbows appear after storms. Hope is everything. And lemons can be sweet, sweet lemonade.

You just have to try.
You just have to try to make some. 


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