Favorite Aussies

Confession:  I've got it bad for Hugh Jackman.

The man is sexy with a capital SSSSSSS.  (Insert "sizzle" sound.)  Oh my goodness, he makes my heart go flip and flop and pitter and patter.  He's "hot-to-trot" as the The Drover.  He's smokin' as Wolverine.  He's sexy when he's hosting the Oscars.  He's even "easy on the eyes" in that cornball flick, "Kate and Leopold"...which was not my favorite, by the way.  (Brief side note:  What happened to Meg Ryan's hair in that movie?!)

I can't mention "Hunky Hugh" without sharing a memorable and hilarious dream I once had.  It was time for my annual exam with my gynecologist.  When I arrived at the women's center, the receptionist informed me that my doctor would not be able to see me, due to an emergency cesarean at the hospital.  She said, "Our other doctor is available, if you'd like to keep your appointment."  I opted to stay.

I was ushered into an exam room, where I promptly stripped, put on a drafty hospital gown, and attempted to drape the paper sheet (the size of a dish towel) across my lap.  (Why are those stupid things always so small?!)  I plopped my bare patootie onto the tissue-covered table and waited.

Suddenly, there was a staccato knock-knock-knock at the door.  It was flung open, and Hugh Jackman walked gallantly in.  He wore a white lab coat and a stethoscope.  He smiled beautifully and said in his dreamy accent, "Hi there!  I'm the doctor!"

My jaw dropped to my naked knees!  I jumped off the examination table and sprinted through the door.  Nurses started chasing me down the hall, yelling, "Ma'am!  Ma'am!  Where are you going?  Come back!  You can't just leave!  You have an appointment!"  I kept running--hospital gown flapping.  A couple of nurses caught up to me and tried to take me back to my room.  I held my ground and forcefully said, "No!  Oh no, no, no, no!  No way!  There is NO WAY I'm going through with it.  HE IS JUST TOO GOOD LOOKING."

Then I woke up.

Naturally, I had always assumed that Hugh Jackman would occupy the "favorite Aussie" spot in my heart...  But then I met Kerry.

Ain't she purty?  Kerry is an Australian mum to three beautiful kangaroos....uh, I mean, children.  We "met" each other in the great, vast "blogosphere" and quickly connected.  Her blog, "It's The Little Things..." is delightful, honest, and always enjoyable to read.  Kerry has been wonderfully supportive of me, and a good friend.  Her comments are kind, her humor is infectious, and her heart is as big as "the land down under" that she hails from.

And speaking of a big heart...that Aussie mum sent me a parcel of chocolate and sweet treats.  (She knows I have a wicked sweet tooth.)  Her thoughtful gift was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday!

I will NOT be sharing any of this stuff!  HA HA!

Kerry also gave me a couple of cards; one had pictures of her lovely family in it.  As you can see, I put her picture on my fridge.  I place special mementos and things that I love on my fridge:  cards from cherished friends, humorous magnets, preschool crafts, pictures of people who matter to me.

(I wonder why I don't have a picture of Hugh on my fridge!?!)

I'm grateful for Kerry, for being so generous and nice, and for making me feel like a worthwhile "blogger" and person.  I'm grateful for Hugh Jackman, for NOT being my gynecologist!  He can continue being my ultimate, "number one" celebrity crush.  Kerry can be my favorite Aussie.  No contest. 

G'day Mates!

(Hmm...I think I'll eat those red frogs first!)


  1. Oh my gosh that's AWESOME! :D Btw, it was only a dream for you, but my sil went to her first OB appt. when they moved to Vegas (she was preggo), and when he walked in, she about died! He was single and young (maybe 36?) and she said about the hottest guy she's ever seen in real life! :D I think I would've switched, but she says he's a great doctor! :D
    Kerry sounds like a great friend - lucky you! ;)

  2. Yes please!!! He is one sexy man! However, I don't think that I would want such a sexy man down there in my business. Ha ha ha! Your friend Kerry seems like such a doll. :) What yummy treats!!! Maybe you should send her some Condie's?! :) Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh that dream was hilarious. But you're right! No one wants a good looking gynecologist. It's just weird.

    What a sweetheart Kerry is and random but it made me laugh that you pointed out who Jesus is. :)

  4. Hugh is HOT!
    That's very sweet that you have met such a special friend from afar.

  5. Oh man this is awesome!! Gynecologist not so much but grateful they're around Juno???

    It's almost like you have the penpal of all penpal's and it has an awesome accent to boot!!!

    Hugh Jackman is hot.. But have you ever given Sean Connery's Scottish accent a gasp or two..?? Just sayin'

    Thanks for the giggles and rocking Jesus on your fridge!! That was my fav... Hadn't seen the man for a while. :) Good guy!!

  6. After what I just left you, I figured I needed to come and pay you a visit over here. Since, I must be catching up on my favorite ladies! What a wonderful surprise!! A post on beautiful Kerry (and Hugh). Okay, at first, I totally believed your gyno story and was sure that you really ran bare-tushied out of that office! LOL
    I think he is super handsome! My favorite man ever is also an Aussie! Keith Urban...ohhh, don't get me started!
    I loved Hugh in "Someone Like You" with Ashley Judd. Not the most amazing movie but I thought it was cute and, she's awesome.

    Kerry rocks!! She is beautiful! You're right...I love her honesty! And her 3 babes are adorable! You can so feel the love in that family. Those treats look delicious and I'm sure come in handy! :)

    Your fridge is full of good stuff! I lol @ the arrow pointing to Jesus!

    Happy Monday!!

  7. you.crack.me.UP!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaaha! how is it, that with every blog post, i burst out laughing and can just imagine everything just as it was in real life. could you imagine if that happened for real???? i would DIE! hahahaha! i'm lovin' your aussie friend, and i'm about to jump right over to her blog right now, and maybe even find her button! i love getting goodies in the mail! i met a really great irish girl through my blog, and i tell her all the time that she's introduced me to a whole other facet of goodies that i never knew about. these foreigners sure know how to spoil us americans ;) hahahaha! i hope you have a great week, my friend!



  8. Hi my fave Utah blogging hot mummy of two scrumptious kiddos, you are the sweetest and kindest and I love you for it!!
    Thankyou for such beautiful words directed at me, you really made my day reading this and seeing my little ole picture on your fridge. I am honoured!!
    It was a pleasure sending you that parcel and I hope you have enjoyed it all (I totally LOVED that Orange Utah Truffle, oh my gosh, I kept eating and thinking how I should really save some of it for the others to try and then I thought you know what? NO!! I ate it.)
    Awesome post on your fave Aussies, thankyou for the title and the placement over Hugh ;)
    I absolutely agree with you, I once went to have an eye test and the dude was so stinking cute I never went back. Unacceptable thoughts ran through my mind and I really didn't want him that close to me lol
    Anyhow, longest comment eva!!
    I heart you xoxox
    P.S. thankyou thankyou thankyou for being you!!

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  10. I am a new follower from the Friendship Friday Blog Hop! Those Aussie treats look mighty yummy!


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