Resolutions...More or Less

Worry less.  Stress less.  Yell less.  Criticize less.  Pout less.  Assume less.  Fear less.  Complain less.  Doubt less.  Laugh more.  Read more.  Hug more.  Sleep more.  Exercise more.  Pray more.  Serve more.  Smile more.  Kiss more.  Forgive more.  Praise more.  Love more.

Happy 2012!

(What will YOU do more of in 2012?  What will you do less of?)


  1. Hug more, read more, doubt less, eat less, learn more, appreciate more, and the list goes on...Great list Aleisha!! xoxo

  2. LOVE THIS!!! your list is fabulous and got me thinkin'.
    ohhhh, the lists goes on and on for me...
    eat less taco bell (or more?)
    eat more veggies.
    drink less coffee.
    wear more red.
    give thanks and praise more.
    remember more.
    worry less.
    sleep more (hopefully)
    and yes, LOVE MORE!! always love more :)

    (oh, oh, and eat moist chicken tenders less and talk to mama leisha more)

    tacohead <3

  3. I LOVE your new family pics! I think the one at the library is my favorite!
    Read more. Read my scriptures more. Cook more. Make more pie (I hate making crusts, so I will conquer that with becoming an expert).
    Worry less. Be mean less.

  4. my gosh...this is so good. i have SO MUCH i want to do in 2012. i don't even know where i would start with my list. but i NEED to do it and get it on paper. i might steal allll of yours, and add a few of mine. :) and i love the picture of you guys! what a nice sunny day, and what a fab family! xoxoxoxo

  5. In 2012 I will make myself healthier, forgive more, be more patient, and try to be less angry and sad. Great blog. I look forward to reading more. Found you from Everday Blog Hops.

  6. Criticize less...that's a lifetime project for me! Working on it. I linked to my resolutions, if you're interested.

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  8. Aww great pics!! My New Year's Resolution is to be the WORLD'S BEST GIRLFRIEND!! A bit ambitious, I know. Especially because I already failed at it... (

  9. My new year's resolution is to not have a resolution but to have goals :-) And boy do i have a long list!

    I have a blog called Cure for Mondays where I write about my journeys in life: ones that physically take me out on the road, also spiritual, virtual, cosmic, and imagined travels where weather has no part to play. Hope you could drop by and follow back.

    I'm your newest follower :-) I'm following you from Finding Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

  10. I really need to find ways to reduce my stress this year -- and be less critical especially of myself. I tend to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt but not myself :-)

    Visiting from the Friendship Friday blog hop :-)

  11. Great site! I'm now following from the Friday blog hop.

    Would love for you to check me out at

    Can't wait to read more!


  12. I am trying to appreciate my husband more this year. And really enjoy my kids ... not worry about what other people THINK I should be doing ... so far, so good. Happy family :) Love your blog, I am a new follower and look forward to following your journey!


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