Love Is A Pie

I want to show you a picture of what love looks like.

It's a pie.  A lemon meringue pie.  A beautiful, tart and tangy, mouthwatering pie with meringue so golden it looks like it's been kissed by the sun!

Earlier today, I was standing in my bathroom--blow drying my hair and battling my frizz--when my husband appeared in the doorway.  He told me a friend of mine had called his cell phone, left a message, and was hoping to speak to me.  I quickly called her back, only to hear her say the most magical words to my little ears:

"Aleisha, I have a lemon meringue pie for you."  (She knows it is my favorite!)

Fifteen minutes later, my friend--with the heart as sweet as her pies--was on my doorstep.  We laughed at my "half-dressed for church" appearance and her "just out of the shower" wet hair.  She carried my homemade, fresh-baked pie to my fridge, while I pulled open the door for her.  (She didn't even judge me when she saw how filthy and stinky it was in there.  Note to self:  Clean out the fridge this week.)

My "perfectly lemony" lemon meringue pie has made me happy all day, and my friend's gesture is one that has warmed me to my toes.  She is an example to me of selflessness and goodness.  I believe she spent her precious time making a pie for me for one glorious reason:  Because she wanted to.

Because she loves me.

I may have one more slice before bedtime.   


  1. Oh Miss Aleisha! I'm glad it was a good pie! I was worried that yours might less custard when I cut into mine and it was a bit more runny than I'd like. I'm glad it's your favorite too so I can share! :) Love you tons.

  2. Thank goodness for good pie and even better friends!

  3. Ain't good friends delicious? ;)
    Have TWO more pieces before bed!

  4. Pie and a sweet and thoughtful friend is a wonderful combination!!
    That pie looks so good. It is one of my brother's favorites!
    Been thinking about you and missing you.
    I love you! Have a relaxing night!

  5. I would have eaten that whole pie right then and there. Looks soooo gooood!

  6. That is such a beautiful gesture and the pie sounds devine!! I do love me some Lemon Meringue Pie too!! Good friends are just the best thing ever !!!

  7. You're very lucky with a friend like her! And of course you're lucky with the pie haha! I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following would mean alot to me! (I have a blog hop atm)

  8. looks beautiful! I love lemon meringue pie too!!

  9. Looks follower from blog hop


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