Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween.

A holiday I look forward to celebrating every year, merely for the simple pleasures it brings me.  Like enjoying a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin shmear on Halloween morning.  Like pulling out my "Michael Jackson Number Ones" music video DVD and watching Thriller in it's entirety.  (Those special effects circa the 1980s are too rad for words!)  Like dressing my kids up in their costumes, then watching them trick-or-treat until their candy buckets are full.  Like tip-toeing into their rooms late at night--when the festivities are over and they are fast asleep--and stealing those candy buckets!  (Every year, I look forward to spreading their loot across my bed-top and going through it piece by piece; dauntlessly searching for my favorite sweets!  When I've made my selections, the buckets go back to the bedrooms and my tots are "none the wiser."  Sneaky!  Sneaky!)

No matter what you do or what you enjoy about "the day of the dead," whether it be...

hair raising...

or creepy...


or zombie garden gnome-ish...

I hope it's wonderful and fun and sugar-induced and safe!  Thanks for reading, for your BOO-tiful kindness, and for making my life more SPOOK-tacular, my friends!



  1. Love your words! Love your looting! Love you! Mwah

  2. hahahahahaha - i love that photo - you are hilarious - i hope you went out like that tonight!!!! :)
    i also hope you're sneaking into their rooms right now, stashing some awesome treats in your pockets - maybe you'll get extra lucky and find some diet coke gummies - wouldn't it be awesome if they made them?! i hope you had a wonderful night with your babes!! i love you!!! happy november!!
    maria <3

  3. Cute post Aleisha!!
    And I have to say that if I saw those masked men at my door it wouldn't end well lol
    Hope you found lots of treats in those candy buckets, I also can't believe your kids would never find out!!

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