Why Are Your Favorite Bloggers Mormon?

As many of my readers know, I have a wicked sweet tooth.  I seem to blog about cookies and cupcakes and chocolate bars ALL THE TIME!  But here's a little something you probably don't know about me:

 I hide my candy in my underwear drawer.

It's true!  I do!  It's the darndest thing.  I have been known to stash peanut butter cups in the farthest recesses of my underwear drawer--way back in the corner, where no one will find them.  I'm like a crazy squirrel stashing acorns for the winter.  (Squirrels DO do that, right?)

When I was pregnant with Lilly, my favorite things to hide AND eat were Hershey's kisses and peanut M&Ms.  I loved them, I craved them, I hid them.  I'll never forget the night my husband came into our room, looking for a snack.

"Gosh, I could really use a treat.  Do you have anything?," he asked.

"Check my underwear drawer," I said.

I have thought long and hard about why I do this--stash sweets in my bureau.  It has been a habit (um..quirk) since I was in college, many years ago.  The only conclusion I can draw--after serious and careful pondering--is this:  I don't like to share!

Isn't that terrible, rotten, no good, horrible, awful?  I don't like to share!  I am a mother, dutifully teaching my children the important principal of sharing, and I can't even share my Hershey kisses!  I'm frequently harping on my children to share toys, share the crayons, share books, share the last package of fruit snacks, share, share, share.  But if I hear their little feet padding across the living room, making headway into the kitchen where I am eating a chocolate chip cookie, what do I do?  I quickly scarf it--shoving a much-too-large and unladylike portion into my mouth--and reply, "Nuffing," when they ask me what I'm eating!

AAHH!  I can bear my hypocrisy no longer!  It's time to change my ways.  It's time to embrace the concept of sharing that I've been preaching to my little ones.  And though I'm not quite ready to share my candy bars (baby steps, baby steps), I WILL share something that is equally sweet...and more meaningful and more precious than anything else I possess.  Ready?  Here goes:

I am a Mormon.  I am an LDS woman.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My membership in my church is a tremendous blessing in my life; the gospel of Christ a most precious gift.  And I really, really love it.

So, why be Mormon?  Why would anyone want to be Mormon?  Why are some of your favorite bloggers Mormon?  What do Mormons really believe?  These are legitimate questions you might be asking.

I have joined with an AMAZING group of women bloggers to answer some of these questions.  These beautiful and talented women want to share with you.  And while we might not be offering cookies or peanut M&Ms, we are offering you a very special chance to hear from us.  A FREE packet, to include a Book of Mormon and the personal thoughts of the following bloggers:

 Mariel - Or so she says..
Camille ~ Six Sisters Stuff
Leigh Anne ~ Your Homebased Mom
Megan ~ Brassy Apple
Reachel ~ Cardigan Empire
Caroline ~ Armelle Blog
Carrian ~ Sweet Basil
Melissa ~ 320 Sycamore
Shandra ~ Deals to Meals
Kristyn ~ Lil' Luna
Kelli ~ Lolly Jane
Stephanie ~ Somewhat Simple
Becky ~ UCreate
Arianne ~ Still Parenting
Shawni ~ 71 Toes
Lindsey ~ The R House
Kirsten ~ The Crafting Chicks 
Melanie ~ Sugardoodle
Kierste ~ Brown Paper Packages
Shelley ~ How Does She? 
Brooke ~ The Crafting Chicks
Ruthie ~ What's Cooking With Ruthie?
  And ME!
If you are interested in receiving a packet from me, all you have to do is email me at leishmcd@gmail.com.  Be sure to include your mailing address.  I promise I won't give out your information, nor will I send the Mormon missionaries to your door!  I'd love for you to have this gem-of-a-gift; no strings attached!

I know that we are all God's children and he loves us beyond our comprehension.  He blesses me with the courage and strength to face my challenges.  He brings comfort into my life when the days are long, when the parenting is challenging, and when the stockpile of treats is running low.  Our beautiful Savior loves us too.  This is evident in the most sacred and precious gift he gave to mankind.  Himself.

I have loved sharing this blog with you, my dear friends.  I have shared my thoughts and fears, my wacky "Lilly anecdotes," my lessons learned, and my adventures in motherhood.  At the very core, my faith is a part of it all.  Thank you, thank you, for being kind and open.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for letting me share a part of myself with you.

* * * * * *

*Note:  If you are interested in additional resources, check out mormon.orgIt's a super cool website!  Be sure to look at the "I Am A Mormon" videos under the "Our People" tab.  They are cooler than the yummy goodies I love to hide and eat!  (HA!)  Like this video from my dear friend, Erick, a wounded Iraqi war veteran:



  1. Very neat! Great post and beautiful family!

  2. woot! woot! you are an amazing woman! proud to call you friend and long lost sista ;) xo

  3. This post rocks. Thanks for sharing such a sacred part of your life. <3

  4. I just love this! What a wonderful way to share something so sweet as your faith and testimony with us.

    1. Becky, you have become such a wonderful friend! THANK YOU!

  5. I just love this! What a wonderful way to share something so sweet as your faith and testimony with us.

  6. Beautiful! you are not the only one who hides the treats! Hopefully I'll learn to share too (not just the candy but the love of our Heavenly Father as well). :)

    1. Thank you a whole bunch for the lovely comment, girlfriend. You let your light shine ALL THE DANG TIME!!!

  7. Beautiful! I love this. LOVE IT! You are a blessing in my life. I love you!

  8. I love this! I'm Jewish and grew up in a predominately Jewish area (Boca Raton, Florida, represent!) where I still live. I mostly only know Jewish people. My dad is Catholic, though, but his family is small and so I never knew many of them -- just him. My little sister's best friend is Muslim and I've loved being able to learn about their religion, too. My neighbors to one side of me are Hindu and I love learning about their culture and celebrating with them, too. I've honestly never known anyone who was a Mormon and that stinks, because I love learning about new cultures, religions, beliefs, etc. I love celebrating with other people what means a lot to them. I hope you post more on your blog about it, because I'd love to learn! And if you ever want some lakes or matzoball soup, I'm your girl! LOL!

    1. Lindsay, you are an absolute doll, and this comment made my smile. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and a bit about you. I, too, love learning about different cultures and religions. It never ceases to amaze me just how many good and beautiful people are out there in our big, big world. And heck yes, I'll take you up on lakes! HA HA!

  9. Super great post! You're awesome as usual :)

    1. Thanks, Ruthie! I'm so glad we met and I'm glad we're friends!

  10. Ok, you are too wonderful, cute, darling and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and I guess I should learn from your example and come out of my underwear drawer... I too hide goodies. My husband totally teases me about it because he first discovered a roll of Girl Scout Thin mints behind a sweater in our closet right after we got married, and the list has continued since. *SIGH*

    1. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! This comment was so stinkin' cute that my initial reaction to it was, "I want to kiss her face off!" HA HA HA!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for all your support. I LOVE the cookies in the closet story. HILARIOUS! ANd yep, that sounds about right with me too! Hugs and kisses, girlfriend!

  11. Love this post. And we are totally friends--I hide goodies as well. And I absolutely hate sharing when it comes to food...even my leftovers from date night the night before. *sigh*

    1. Emily, I'm just loving you more and more each day! Thanks for the comment and support. We are totally friends for many reasons--diet coke, short hair, stashing goodies, etc, etc.

  12. What a great post. Thank you being willing to SHARE your beautiful testimony! Hope to meet you at SNAP.

    Warmly, Michelle

    1. THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! Would love, love, love to meet you at SNAP! I'll give you a big ol' hug! HA HA!

  13. Love it, girl! This is awesome!! Thanks so much for being a part of this with us. :)

    1. Thank YOU, Mariel! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of all this. What a blessing! I can't say that enough!

  14. I loved this post and am so so happy you wrote it!! I know how much it means to you and I am so glad you were a part of such a wonderful, passionate project!! This weekend, I will definitely stop by some of the other blogs mentioned! :)
    Of course, you made me laugh with your secret stash and also, picturing you shoveling a giant cookie down before Camren or Lilly catch you! Hahaha! You are too cute!
    I miss you! Was just talking with my mom about you and how much I miss you! We were looking at pictures from when we had our visits. :*)
    Hope you had a wonderful Friday night!!
    I love you!!!

  15. You betcha we can follow each other! I'm on my way to pay you a visit!

  16. thanks for your lovely comment :) followed you back :) http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  17. I'm impressed. You hide chocolate in your underwear drawer, but you still have a wonderful figure.


  18. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey too!! (Even if I am soooo far away!) This was a beautiful post, I adored it just as much as I adore you :)
    I love the fact you stash treats, I hear ya on that one...sometimes we just don't wanna split that last bit of chocolate which often I have had to! And I think that's ok ;)
    And how does one eat so much junk food and still look as good as you??


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