I Confess

It is Thursday morning,
and I confess:

*Lilly's hair hasn't been washed in days.

*Lilly may or may not be traveling the path to dreadlocks.

*My hair hasn't been washed in days.

*I let Camren eat a small bag of Cheetos for a mid-morning snack.  And I wish I could say it was because we are out of string cheese...but I can't.

*Lilly has eaten her breakfast in the car, on the way to school, EVERY DANG DAY this week.

*I watched The Voice and thought about what it would be like to make out with Adam Levine.

*I attempted to do a load of laundry Monday morning, and that blasted load is STILL in the washer.

*I thought someone was trying to break into my house one morning, resulting in me scaring the holy jeepers out of the Questar man when he saw me in the window.  With a pair of scissors.

*I haven't cooked a decent meal yet this week.  This could be because I am either 1.) Lazy 2.) Tired 3.) In frantic need of groceries.  (Or maybe I am too tired and too lazy to go get said groceries??)  I have not decided which number I am.

*I slept in one of my "regular" shirts so that I could wake up the next morning semi-ready.  Thus saving me two minutes.  Which I used on sleep.  Which seems ridiculously stupid to me now.

*I don't want to be around my mischievous, rowdy, naughty, up-to-no-good kids.  They are driving me bonkers!

*That last one makes me feel like a crappy mom.

*Maybe I AM a crappy mom.

*But my kids are driving me bonkers!

*While spilling purple jelly down my pants (a lunchtime snafu), Cam came up to me and wrapped his arm around my leg.  As he stood like that for a moment, quietly cuddled up to me, I confess I thought it was sweet.

*Okay!  When Cam grabbed me, it melted my ornery, crabby, kraken-like heart.

*Okay!  My kids don't bug me THAT much.  I'm just saying there are days (or weeks) when I'd like to check myself into the Betty Ford Center.  Or the Hilton.

*When Lilly and Cam--like dewey-faced cherubs--thanked me for their slurpees, and told me they loved me, I thought, "Crappy mom?  Nay!  I'm pretty swell!"

I really should go wash my hair!

(What will YOU confess to this week?!)


  1. Sipping a diet coke as I type this....

    I confess you're super cute hair makes me realize I am in serious need of a makeover.

    This week I put random crap in the oven when guests showed up without notice.

    I fed my family dinner last night from Del Taco... at 11pm.

    and last but soooo not least-

    I just want to confess I do the very same thing every time I watch The Voice. Oh that Adam... I think about it too.

    Every. Single. Time.

    and I never feel guilty. Is that wrong????

    1. Have you seen the 'almost-naked' pictures of him on Pinterest? He looks pretty good without a shirt. Just sayin.

  2. You are not a crappy mom. You are a normal mom!

  3. I confess I could have written this word for word! Okay, maybe not word for word since I only have 1 kid and his name isn't Lily or Camren. But still. I could also add the fact that my boss is gone this week on business and I have done NOTHING at work in addition to my doing NOTHING at home all week long.

    I totally understand! Maybe it's a full moon?

  4. I confess to having no less than 8 loads of dirty laundry in my house right now. MH had it all caught up a few short weeks ago.
    I also confess to being angry with Tot last night because I thought he was being stubborn, but it turns out he didn't feel well.
    Who's the crappy mom now?
    Hint: It's neither of us. But it sure can feel that way sometimes!

  5. I confess that I LOVE you!!!

    You are so amazing, you have no idea!

  6. I confess that I've been sitting here on my laptop for an hour, not checking on where my kids went to play because I'm so enjoying the quiet.

    (If you put a cup of white vinegar in the washer and run the load through another rinse cycle, you'll never know they sat there. Not that I've ever done that.)

    I confess that I just lied. I leave clothes in the washer All. The. Time.

  7. Hey Aleisha! What can (or should) I confess to? Hmm. None of it is really newsworthy. My kids (i have teenagers) keep making spam for themselves after school? What does this mean? What have I done wrong? And... I never get the mail? I don't; my husband does. It makes me feel so...June Cleaver. Which isn't cool.

    By the way, about a week ago (or so) I nominated you for the Liebster Award...I sent an email but I think it's likely that the email was interpreted as spam (see, children...spam really does have negative connotations). In the end, being nominated for the Liebster Award parallels (in some ways) being roped into a chain letter operation...which may or may not sound appealing. Personally, I felt honored when I was nominated, and had fun thinking of nominations of my own. I thought you should know... I linked to your site when I posted the nominations. If you follow my link to my site, the Liebster post isn't too far back.

    I just love your blog voice. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

  8. The Voice. Adam Levine. Me too.

    I let Davis play games on my phone so I can take a nap in the afternoon.

    I let the boys watch waaaaaay to much tv. Theoretically so I can "get things done." But really its so I can read my book.

    Most of the day could be part of a "confession."

  9. I LOL @ "Lilly may or may not be traveling the path to dreadlocks." Hahaha. You are so funny! I say you deserve a 12-pack of diet coke! :)
    I confess that I spent the day in my pjs (and so did Piper).
    I hope you got some relaxing time in...and got to wash your awesome hair! I miss you. I love you. Tell everyone (and baby) I said hello! Xoxox


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