The final bell rang, piercing the Monday morning air with it's shrillness.  Young children ran to big, brown, double doors; anxiously lining up to await the start of their school day.  I stood by the fence and watched as Lilly ran to get in line with her class.  Her much-to-big backpack was strapped across her skinny shoulders.  The morning sunlight danced in her ponytail.  She clutched a rolled-up poster in her hands, and had a wide grin on her face.

"Guess what?  I'm the VIP," I heard her say to various classmates.  "I'm the VIP today.  Isn't that cool?!"

She had worked on her poster all weekend.  Filling in the blanks, gluing the pictures on, and coloring it with markers.  She was thrilled to be the VIP--the very important person, the "featured kid of the week," the one who got to share her likes and interests with the class.

As I helped Lilly with her poster--and later, as I watched her present it to the class--I couldn't help but think of my own VIP experiences; the times I was chosen as the "spotlight" in school.  On the surface, I was shy and bashful about being the center of attention.  My cheeks blushed that pink shade of embarrassment when my mom revealed to my classmates that my favorite food was tuna fish sandwiches.  With pickles!  I timidly talked about my beloved Care Bear toy and my affinity for Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

But, beneath the surface, I felt excited to share a bit of myself with others.  I felt proud and worth knowing.  I felt like I was, in fact, a "very important person."

When do we lose that, I wonder?  When do we lose that sense of importance and self pride?  Does it happen during the yucky and bumpy adolescent years?  Does it happen when we are finished with school, when we attempt to make a place for ourselves in the vast, adult world?  Does it happen when we become mothers; seemingly obscure in our often "unglamorous" roles? 

I think about this blog often.  I periodically reevaluate the goals I set for it and the direction I want to take.  I ponder on what to share and what to say--my overarching theme.  

But mostly, I think about this blog's purpose.  It has remained steadfast and sincere since the beginning.  Here's the thing:

I want you to walk away (or click away!) from this blog feeling like you matter.  Because you do.  I want you to read and then remember to find the joy in your every day life.  Because it's there.  I want you to take comfort in knowing you are not alone in the fears you feel, the dreams you have, and the hurdles you face.  Because you're not.  I want you to remember to laugh.  Because that's the good stuff.

Above all else, I want you to know that you are a VIP.  As you read, I pray you are able to feel that from the words I write.  YOU, sweet friend, dear reader, are a very important person.  Take pride in that--as I did over tuna sandwiches, as Lilly did when she showed off her poster.  Take pride in knowing your importance can't be paralleled.  You are important to your children.  You are important to your close friends.  You are important to your loved ones and your family.  You are important to me.

No poster required! 

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  1. What a special post for Lilly and your readers. You are a gem, and I hope you know that YOU are a VIP to me too!
    Also: I LOVE the throwback picture!

  2. such a sweet post. another one that lilly will LOVE to read one day! i just read her newest quip! :) i can just picture her saying that! the old photo of you and your brother and sister is too cute - your blond hair...i love it!!!
    you wanna know something funny...the other day i told steve to go out and get me a caffeine free diet coke. he came back with a 2 liter regular dc. i won't drink it. it keeps staring at me whenever i open the fridge - "drink me!!! you know you wanna!!!" if you were here, i'd go for it!! we could share it - a liter each. :)
    i love you tons and can't wait to talk!
    have a happy day! xoxoxo


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