I Am A Spoon

Scene:  It's late.  All is quiet at the Best Western except for the hum of the AC and the giggles coming from the McD family.  Pajamas have been donned.  Faces have been washed and teeth have been brushed.  Everyone is sitting on the hotel bed, huddled around a small, plastic timer.  The fourth round of Hedbandz is beginning...

(Lilly is a spoon.  She doesn't know she is a spoon.  She has to ask questions to figure out what she is.)

Lilly:  Am I something you can use?

Me and James:  Yes!

Lilly:  Am I a unicorn?

Me and James, laughing and laughing:  No, Lilly!

Lilly:  Will you give me a clue?

Me:  Okay...it is something you use in the kitchen.

Lilly:  Am I a time machine?!


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