Lenny and Love

It was late.  The kids were nestled into their beds, the house was quiet, and I was enjoying a bowl of peanut butter cup ice-cream as big as my head.  It had been a long day and I was unwinding in front of the telly!

I had been mindlessly clicking the remote, flipping through a myriad of uninteresting channels, when I stumbled upon Oprah's "Master Class" on her network, OWN.  The episode on Lenny Kravitz was just about to start.  I paused, curious.  That Lenny is a sexy dude--dreads or no dreads--and I wondered what he'd share about life and lessons learned.

He said something within the first few minutes of his episode that resonated with me.  He said that people are always asking him why he writes music about love, why he so frequently sings about love.  He shared the answer he typically gives to those inquires, and I found it beautiful and profound:

Because that is what life is all about.  That's what we're here for--to love.  We were created out of love.  We're here to learn how to love, and to be loved in return.  It's everything.

His comment sent me on a path of pondering!  We have (almost daily) opportunities to learn about love in our marriages, in our friendships...

and in our families.

If you think about it, the "institution" of family is comparable to an institution of higher learning.  It's like a university.  We "attend classes" and have experiences that would shape us into who we are meant to be.  Our purest selves.  We study Forgiveness 101.  Anger Management 101.  Charity 101.  Patience 101.

LOVE 101.  Where one of the most important lessons we learn is that love is all around us.  It is in us.

And oh my gosh, based on this analogy, would that make Lenny Kravitz one of my professors?!

Enroll me now!


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