I have had quite the week...and IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY!  

My week has been long and horrendous (kind of like that Pearl Harbor movie...hardy, har), with one of the few highlights being my exchange with the big, burly dude who owns Great Harvest. 

I ran in to Great Harvest on Valentine's Day to pick up some heart-shaped, frosted sugar cookies.  (Side note: Hubby was sick in bed, Lilly was being attacked by the "green snot monster," Cam was cranky, and my one and only Valentine's Day kiss was given to me by my hip, hot mama friend, Jeni...which was kind of awesome.) an effort to cheer myself up, I donned my newly purchased shade of Sephora lipstick (named Decollete, which I believe is French for "cut low in the neckline") and headed for the bakery.  Or patisserie.  Oh la la! 

I'm a bit of a regular, so the guy who owns the joint recognized me as soon as I walked in the door.

Big, burly dude:  "Hi, Hon!"

Mama Decollete, waving like a ten year old (because I haven't quite figured out how to wave like a grown-ass woman):  "HEY!"

Big, burly dude:  "WOW!  You look great, girl!"

(Another side note:  I was wearing a shirt dress and leggings.  LEGGINGS!  If you know me, I don't need to mention I have legs like a chicken.  Yikes.  Best part of the outfit?  The super-dee-duper sparkly flats that resemble disco balls, but for your feet.)

Mama Decollete:  "Big, burly dude (but I didn't really call him that), you are SO sweet and you just made my day!"

I stepped up to the counter, bought my sweet treats, and flashed the world's nicest guy/Great Harvest owner my Decollete smile.  He handed me a couple of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, in addition to the cookies I had paid for.  I looked at him--I'm sure with an expression of surprise and bewilderment-- and started to say, "What?!?"  He interrupted me and said, "On the house."

Holy shmokes, free cookies.


Never underestimate the power of a beautiful shade of lipstick.
Au revoir! 


  1. Sephora to the rescue once again. gosh, what would we do without that place?

  2. Ooh, I love me some cookies. I'm gonna have to try that one out. I used to love me some awesome lip shades, too, but it's been a while. Now I have a reason to go back.

  3. Love Sephora! Love cookies! Combine the two and It's like heaven on earth!

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