IS Cupid wearing a diaper?

Wanna talk about love?  "Love is a many splendid thing," isn't it?... despite times when "love bites," and "love bleeds," and "love stinks."  And although "love is a battlefield" occasionally (gosh, I love the 80s), when you get right down to it... All you need is love!

Things Mama Leisha loves (besides the OBVIOUS friends, family, faith, books, and shoes):

1.) The smell of Crayola crayons.
2.) Reading in the bathtub...while soaking in a hot, steamy, bubble bath of course!
3.) Listening to jazz while cooking.  (Can't think of anything better than Diana Krall's "Peel Me a Grape" to make me feel like a better cook than I actually am.)
4.) Pretty, yummy-smelling candles.
5.) The sound of my children laughing.
6.) The sound of JAMES laughing, especially when it is the result of something silly I said or did.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I live to make that man laugh!
7.) Pirate's Booty!  Baked rice and corn puffs with an aged white cheddar flavor!  Argh, matey!  Thar be good!
8.) Mumford and Sons, "Sigh No More."  Leave it to scrappy looking Brits to make the banjo sexy!
9.) Sephora Collection Rouge Creme lipsticks in Cortisane, Decollete, and Jealous!  (As Little Lil' says, "Wow Mom, you look so cute when your lips are red.")
10.) Smashburger!  Cheese burgers and fries!  Fry sauce!
11.) Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  It just might have magical powers.
12.) Paul Mitchell's "Freeze and Shine" hairspray.
13.) Two very important men BESIDES Cam Man and the hubby:  BEN and JERRY
14.) Mini golf!  I'm a rockin' putter!
15.) Sunshine, blue skies, green grass, and PICNICS!
16.) Egg rolls.
17.) Riding a bike.
18.) The "kids pack" at the movie theater--perfectly sized portions of popcorn and soda.  (The Laffy Taffy rope is just a bonus!)
19.) Funny greeting cards.
20.) Getting packages in the mail!

Happy Valentine's Day, darlings!  What do you l-o-v-e?


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