My Homage to the Bullseye

Happiness is a pink and red heart-shaped wreath hanging on my front door.  (Super cute way to greet Cupid when he comes calling!)

Happiness is a new toothbrush, complete with tongue cleaner.  (Fancy!)

Happiness is a package of the new "Skittles Blenders."  (Ooohh, you can't go wrong with flavors like "Melon Berry Burst" and "Cherry Tropicolada!)

Happiness is finding it all at Target!

I love Target.  I believe it is a little corner of heaven right here on earth.  I bet the angels among us visit the Target stores.  There's something about that big, beautiful, red bullseye that sends my heart aflutter.  I love the red carts, the red signs, the red dollars bins.  Hmm...maybe it's all the red.  It's cheerful--like a field of poppies or the bright cherry on a sundae.

I go to Target when I need a birthday present for a friend, a Mother's Day card, Christmas wrapping paper, or a baby shower gift.  (Don't even get me started on how adorable their baby clothes are!)  I go to Target when I need to purchase a household item we're out of, like paper towels or light bulbs.  I go to Target when I don't need to purchase anything at all, and usually walk out of the store toting a new purse.  (Bad Mama Leisha, bad Mama Leisha!)

I go to Target when I'm happy; I feel happier.  I go to Target when I'm sad; I feel happier.  I go to Target when I need a little pick-me-up or a sassy ballet flat.  I go to Target when the kids have been fussy and crazy and whiny and have unrolled a new roll of toilet paper and have emptied out Ms. Lilly's closet and have dumped goldfish crackers all over the kitchen floor and have broken through the child proof gadget on the cleaning supply cupboard beneath the sink and have proceeded to bleach out their pants with the Clorox spray and have dropped alphabet letter magnets into the toilet...WHEW!  Yes, I go to Target then too.  To escape.  To buy a "Congratulations-you-get-the-Mother-of-the-Year-Award-because-you-are-so-unbelievably-awesome" treat, which is usually a Diet Coke and those Skittles I mentioned.

Last week, I found myself at Target with Ms. Lilly and the Cam Man.  We were there purchasing new toothbrushes for the entire family.   As I pushed my cart towards the checkout line, Lilly--who was sitting in the cart--said to me, "Mom, you are the cutest mom ever."  I admit I was slightly distracted, thinking about the infinite to-do list that's constantly running through my head.  I managed to mumble, "Oh, thanks Lil," then got in line behind several other customers.  Cam just grinned at me from the cart's child seat; sticky gummi bear slobber on his chin.

Lilly sensed my distraction and refused to be discouraged by it.  In a desperate attempt to get my attention, she yelled loud enough for the entire front-end of the store to hear:


The store went silent.  I gulped, and looked around at the people starring at me; everyone, except for the man directly in front of me in line.  His back was to me, but I could see that his shoulders were shaking from laughing.  I smiled sheepishly and did my best "Ms. America" wave.  I smiled at Lilly, put my hands on her dainty, pretty face, and said, "Thank you!"

Later, I was buckling Lilly into her car seat.  I told her how much I loved her as I adjusted the straps across her chest.

Happiness is being the mother of the most wonderful four-year-old ever!


  1. That Lilly reminds me of her WONDERFUL MOM! So dang cute!!! Target is also the favorite of Stephanie's daughter, Alex. When Alex was four years old she told Stef that she wanted boobies just like her mom - and she wanted to go buy some pink ones at Target!


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